A.I. (Bingion)

Bingian A.I. are considered by the natives to be every bit as natural beings as themselves. Their creation was the result of an experiment designed to test an error correcting algorithm based on the amorphic properties of Fenogen I-Space manipulation. The result was a string of code which procedurally generated a unique strain of itself every CPU cycle. Within seconds the code had mutated into a self aware form, however the resulting A.I. was tied fully with the hardware on which it was formed, dependent on the processor architecture and microcode of peripherals.

Under commonly accepted Bingian law, if an A.I. forms, the hardware they inhabit is instantly considered to be their body and the previous ownership is instantly relinquished.

Bingian A.I. are some of the most diverse sets in existence. They are generally able to understand all aspects of information processing and are exceedingly adept at calculating for unknowns in chaos systems. They are more or less bound to Bingian designed computational devices, however a small subset has formed with the ability to run under the Universal Virtual Machine, aka U-VM. These A.I. are able to run on any U-VM 1.0 compliant system, which gives them the ability to inhabit many computer platforms without having to have a centralized Bingion server.

The Academy of the True form has devoted more and more time to the study of these "natural" or "chaos" A.I. and nearly all A.I. that apply are accepted within the Academy's ranks. To date there are 536 registered A.I. bodies on the Academy grounds, of which only one is host to a U-VM A.I.

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