Alice is an advanced artificial intelligence that accompanies Irick.

Alice takes on the form of a female mitten. She is able to physically manipulate objects on board paradise station despite being a holographic projection. To a casual observer she simply seems to be a being able to make a mockery of conventional physics.

The personality of Alice is rather hard to pin down, at times she seems highly protective of Irick, at others willing to put him in harms way or mock him verbally.

To others she nearly always acts innocent.

Alice has access to an allocation of Station computational resources, and Class 2 access to personnel files and information. This means that ALICE is able to directly answer questions posed to her by persons seeking information about their personal information, such as location of their quarters, and assigned ranks and job descriptions. She also has full access to the linguistic libraries of the station and thus both her and Irick are able to speak all known languages with the exception of High Catheri. Nitya and all other avatars of the Primary station AI are aware that ALICE has been cleared for personnel file access by the central computer unit, as to the reason for this, they do not know.

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