Name: Amber Foster
Species: Feline Humanoid
Size: 86CM-55CM-86CM C cup
Approx. 1.5 meters tall, white fur covering her full body (as far as anyone can tell), with a metallic white robotic tail. She is 40 kilos.

Amber was borne to parents that either abandoned hir, or died shortly after hir birth. Shi spent most of hir life in orphanages, only occasionally going to foster parents. When shi was fostered out, the parents would undoubtedly return hir because shi was too much to handle. Shi found hirself late in hir school career, first showing an interest in science, then more specifically in biology and medicine. Shi was accepted to a local medical school where she earned her first degree in only 3 years. Shi would go on to attend two additional medical universities, eventually earning two more bachelors, two masters, and a doctorate degree.

After medical school, shi went into private practice at various pleasure colonies where shi was very successful, and where she acquired some interesting habits. After a series of sexual harassment lawsuits forced hir to leave the third colony she worked at, shi was blackballed. No colony would allow her to open a clinic.

Amber has a companion, Chione. Shi came to know Chione through her previous work environment. Chione was the daughter of one of the pleasure servants at hir last posting, and as such, was the property of the resort proprietor her mother worked for. The last thing Amber did before she left the posting was to purchase Chione.

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