An ax-ab is a traditional life-paired developing robotic body and artificial intelligence native to and symbolic of the members of the Ro Empire. While subsequent advances in Muyab technology have allowed for the near immediate backing up of memories and personalities, the slow evaluation over a full lifetime of the ax-ab is considered the most accurate and is the only one of a Ro citizen's many possible 'forks' that is considered to be legally the same person.

The distinction between a new ax-ab and a new 'worker body' is reflected in Ro society. The ax-ab unit is always outfitted with a standard array of sensors and cognitive tools that make up a close approximation of the organic partner's own abilities and shortcomings. It is considered a taboo to permanently modify any of the ax-ab's functions by means other then external augments with those participating in the action of ab-ex overhauls and upgrades being considered social deviants.

The replacement for the original ax-ab's niche are specialized "worker bodies", worker bodies typically do not resemble organic creatures in the least and are typically operated by a temporary 'fork' of the user's mind. Unlike ax-abs these units are not in operation 24/7 and do not share the same social reverence.

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