Axin Lennon

Name: Axin Lennon
Age: Seventeen
Height: 5'9

Build: Lean, overall.
Affiliation: Federation

Defining Quote:

"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions."

Due to limited medical supplies aboard the The ship he resided, And F.T.L. Travel, Axin's developmental cycle has been on the norm thus far.

A Teenage human, who Lived with his father. He resided on the C.S. Frost Nova, A Colony ship sent out to distant star systems in in the never ending race for Sentient being Expansion, as well as the major goal of locating the federation a planet to call home.

His Dad's had a major in Ecology, and has put out Several Publications that had remarkable feedback. It was hardly a surprise when Paradise station asked for his transfer to their labs. Axin, of course, got dragged along. Axin hated the station, He much rather seeing new worlds on the frontier, but he would not complain.

Among the many technical marvels of the station, The Ecopods were one that Axin's dad spent most of his time in. He conducted experiments and making observations on the life they supported in there. Work was great, He was certain that he was almost at a breakthrough in modern science…Then He got careless. Various creatures of the Pods began panic.

Axin lost his father that day to startled simulated wildlife, Leaving him alone on the station.

Now, The only thing Axin can do is try to cope without the sport of his family.

Axin never knew his mother. His dad told him things about her, But He never was straightforward with Axin. He was mostly left in the dark about the issue, despite repeated attempts by him to milk information about her. His father quote and quote "Didn't Like to talk about it."

Axin by now has given up trying to remember her, And eventually lost interest. However, Even with the questions buried, the results of his parents relationship have a strange way reappearing...

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