Basic Cultural Knowledge of the Ro empire

Regarding The Ro Empire:

The Ro Empire was founded millennia ago by the Muyab race. They expanded quickly through rapid assimilation of less developed cultures until finally meeting a similarly advanced civilization in the forming Protectorate. The members of the Ro empire value inquisitiveness, experience, and the upholding of truth. The members of the Ro empire are raised from birth with a mechanical extension of themselves called an ax-ab which will eventually take on the full and independent personality of its organic partner and allow them to experience things far beyond their organic lifetime. It is considered a strong taboo to harm an ax-ab and hijacking an ax-ab is one of the few crimes punishable by the death of the perpetrator and the destruction of their own ax-ab. The hierarchy of the Ro empire leads all the way back to the Muyab home planet and any full imperial decision must originate from this central planet. Local authority only has authority over local affairs.

Regarding the Protectorate:

The Ro Empire came across the Protectorate late in their colonization efforts. The Protectorate is comprised of a lose conglomeration of individual cultures mostly originating from the Terran planets. The Empire is currently engaging in diplomatic maneuvers with the Protectorate in hopes of forging new ties and showing them to the path of the empire.

Regarding the Imperium of Man

The Ro Empire has no diplomatic standing with the Imperium of man for good or for bad. The only information of the Imperium comes though third parties. Citizens of the Ro Empire's moods range from sympathetic with the likened social structure to a "There can be only one" attitude regarding the matter.

Regarding Allies of the Protectorate

The Ro Empire has accepted nearly all Allies of the Protectorate as candidates for diplomatic relations, though these proceedings are too young for most of the populous to have any firm opinion.

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