Basic Overview Of The Races

Artificial Intelligence.
Computer systems which have gained self consciousness.
Subcategories of A.I.:

The Behemar are a tauroid race, generally 6-7' in height.

Members of this race are small in stature compared to a human being, nearly all between three and four feet in hight, however they have highly dense muscle mass. This race is co-dependent on a symbiotic stone, known as a Soulgem.

They are usually scaled and have claws. Little else is known at this time (until that placeholder page is typed in)

The native shapeshifting race of Bingion.

The native flying race of Bingion known to be highly intelligent aswel as exceptional pilots and engineers.

Natives of New Issari, standing a norm of ten feet tall they resemble humanoid Utah Raptors.

Kitsune are a fox-like race characterized by their many tails, which sprout with time with a max of nine.

Shape Shifters
Beings who can change their shapes at will.

Squirrel-like beings that are average 1.3 meters tall.

Telarians look like anthro dragons. However, each one is descended from a specific clan and were created by the True Telarians.

Humans are about the same size as humans, look like humans and enjoy much of the same heritage as humans.

General anthropomorphics, originating from the human home world of earth.

A general term for quadrupedal beings with a secondary human-like torso. Chakats fall under this category.

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