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Pronounciation: Be-Hee-Mar

The Behemar are a tauroid race who were forced from their home world several hundred years ago by the Imperium of Man, and nearly driven to extinction. With the help of the Protectorate, the surviving Behemar have sworn vengeance on the Imperium and relocated to a new home system, where they have been focusing on recovering from their near genocide.
Today, the Behemar number in the low billions; With less need than ever for every able body to remain on the new home world to help with the restoration of their race, they are beginning to be seen in the galaxy, however most who leave the home world choose to enlist in the Protectorate armed forces in order to fight the Imperium.


Height: Males: 6'6"-7' (198-213cm) on average. They are almost never shorter than 6'(183cm); It is uncommon (but not unheard of) for some individuals to be 7'6"-8' (229-244cm), if not larger.
Females: Usually roughly the same size as males, but rarely taller than 6'8"(203cm) or so.

Weight: Roughly 550-650lbs (250-295kg). Females are not usually much lighter than males.

Lifespan: Most Behemar live to about the age of 400, unless some other circumstance would cut their time short.

Physical Description

Iaro, a male Behemar, spends some time quietly admiring one of the station's ecopods.

Behemar are a tauroid race, covered in fur all over their bodies. This fur, which tends to be thick and somewhat shaggy, varies somewhat in color, but is usually some shade of purple (ranging from light to dark). Males and females alike have a shaggy mane on their heads, in colors ranging from cream-white to black. The same color of fur as their mane is found in small patches on other parts of their bodies, usually on the chest of the upper torso, at the wrists, the lower part of each leg, and mixed into the fur tuft on the end of their tails.

Behemar, males and females alike, have large horns on their heads; Males horns tend to be larger than females, and swept forward; Females horns tend to be noticeably smaller, and usually are more curved than those of the males. These horns are very small at birth and grow in size with the Behemar. They do not shed their horns, though a damaged horn will grow back and repair itself to some extent.

Female Behemar tend to have spots dotted across their bodies, the color of which usually match the color of their mane. They do not have breasts on their upper torso; there are six teats are located on their tauroid torso's underside. The upper chest is still a somewhat sensitive erogenous zone on males and females alike.

Behemar tend to be extremely strong, as well as posessing a great deal of endurance, and generally are capable of withstanding relatively serious injuries with relative ease. However, they are not considered the most intelligent of races; the individual Behemar is not any smarter or stupider than the average person may be, but neither are they by any means known for the brilliancy of their scientists and artists.

The Behemar practice a semi-rigid caste society, with several tiers under which various occupations fall under. As a somewhat warrior-like race, the warrior caste is among the most highly regarded. The Behemar, even in castes other than the warrior caste, value traits that would serve one well on the battlefield; Strength, cunning, a drive to do what has to be done, etc. They regard honor highly, as well, but not to the point that they will ignore potential advantages that can be gained over their enemies. Most Behemar, as such, tend to be fairly honest and tend away from serious crimes, and are usually quick to admit if they've done something wrong when confronted about it.

The caste system is more forgiving than many others that are practiced, in that one is not permanently locked into a caste once born into it. If one is dissatisfied with the caste in which they are a part of, it is possible for them to prove that they belong in a different caste through a series of tests. It is relatively easy to move from one caste to another (so long as one posesses an aptitude for the skills and jobs required in their new caste!), except in the case of any caste attempting to join the warrior caste. The tests involved in that are extremely demanding physically and mentally, often involving grueling tests of strength and endurance. One who proves themselves, however, are welcomed into their new caste warmly.

An interesting quirk of Behemar society is a lack of respect for particular forms of politeness. This is not to say they are necessarily a rude people, but they tend to be insulted by minor acts of courtesy (such as apologizing for physically bumping into one in a corridor even if it may have been the Behemar's own fault). They oddly view it as a form of dishonesty and disrespect, and in some cases a sign of weakness; some Behemar have been known to become confrontational over such habitual acts of courtesy shown to them. This is rarely an issue with Behemar who are away from the home world; They understand that the races they are surrounded by do not share their view on such matters, and quickly learn to shrug off these issues in order to avoid getting into more arguments than are necessary.

Behemar, again, have a somewhat odd practice when it comes to attracting a mate; Whereas many species attempt to woo the object of their affection with kindness and sweetness, Behemar tend to court other Behemar by becoming very aggressive and confrontational, with several other particular cues and hints mixed in. What other species may interpret as two Behemar viciously arguing over some minor detail or task, such as who's turn it is to take out the garbage, may be the beginnings of a beautiful relationship between those two individuals. Again, this is usually not an issue for Behemar who leave the home world; however rare it may be for a Behemar to choose one of another species as a mate, they usually learn that not all peoples are as receptive to such fighting as they are.

Despite their at times aggressive demeanor and attitudes, the Behemar are NOT an inherently violent, aggressive people. Many, even among the warrior caste, prefer it when things are quiet and peaceful; The picture shown above may very well be the scene of a Behemar choosing to enjoy some peace and quiet with the local wildlife.

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