A planet currently under imperial occupation.

It is home to two main species, the Ginken and the Fenogens.

The native lore is that when a being is born, they are given a choice: to take the path to the mountain top or take the river. If they take the mountain path, when they reach the top they sprout wings and follow the winding river, their eyes taking in all for miles and miles before arriving at the river's mouth. If the being chooses to take the river, they lose their form, becoming water as they flow to the river's mouth, feeling the flows around them, becoming one with the ambiant forces. Then the being comes to the mouth of the river, they are born

The Ginken are highly intelligent winged beings, nearly instantly grasping any sort of scientific topic introduced. In the local vernacular they are "Children of the Sky".

The Fenogens are endowed with highly malleable bodys, utilizing i-space to shift forms easily and naturally, though non natural forms require more mental concentration. In the local vernacular they are the "Children of the River" In Galatic common they are a "Goo" race.

The Culture on Bingion is highly dynamic, and while traditions are actively maintained they are not rigidly enforced. Bingion has a long history of actively forming counter cultures and the interests represented on the planet are as diverse as any.

Bingion society is not based around small immediate family, although the connection is acknowledged, but rather by culture groups.

Typically Ginken are raised by their immediate family for a period varying from six months to seven years before they either are raised within the culture group of their family or they choose their own.

Fenogens are nearly immediately raised by a collective rather then a small family group.

Typically, personal dwellings on Bingion tend toward the small side, however commercial buildings are quite large. It is not uncommon for one to spend the majority of their time in a commercial building or a community center, in fact most businesses have bedding arrangements for their patrons.

Hotels were unknown until the Imperium occupied Bingion, most culture groups spanned over the planet and one was always able to find arrangements. Hotels sprung up due to the aversion some human guests had of spending so much time with the natives.

Eventually the Imperium implemented several ordinances restricting Fenogens' already oppressed freedoms, requiring them to register a form and never shape shift in public.

The nature of Bingion necessitated a counter culture move against these ordinances, and the Academy of the True Form was born. The Academy quickly evolved, creating the first true vestiges of a university on Bingion as the Imperium introduced their own schools of higher learning.

The Academy became first, the largest culture group, then eventually, became a cross culture group. Within the Academy there are representations of all of the major culture groups.

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