Name: Byakko
Age: 24 years
Species: White Siberian Tiger
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs
Role: Hades 1 Unit Commander

Very little is known about Byakko before the age of 16 when he spent most of his days as a wanderer across the reaches of space. During this time he taught himself a wide variety of skills that were key to his survival while living alone. He also was careful to pick up on any chance to learn the different cultures of Terran space and this has given him the ability to deal with a variety of situations. He is also the brother to Asano and he stayed with her until his transfer to a freighter service, though they remained in constant contact with eachother and was eventually reunited with her aboard Paradise Station.

His ability to operate and pilot a wide range of vehicles grew out of a position he received on a space freighter service. At the age of 19 on his stay with the ship FSS Impervious there was an incident involving a small group of raiders that attempted to board and take control of the ship. While four members of the crew were killed, Byakko along with several others managed to fight off the attack and survive the ordeal. In the process Byakko was credited with killing no less than six raiders while sustaining only minor wounds himself.

Remaining the only crew member without major injuries, Byakko was left to pilot the ship to port with damage sustained to the majority of navigation and communication equipment, a common tactic used by pirates to make certain a ship cannot escape. When the Impervious made it to port and the crew were taken to medical the Federation immediately enlisted Byakko in their service for his role in the conflict that displayed his dedication to crew, ability to keep calm under pressure, and his ability to operate a vessel under the harshest of conditions.

While docked on the station Hanley 22B there was a massive attack by rogue fighter squadron from a neighboring sector. A call for any and all pilots was issued for defense of the station. By random chance Byakko ended up as the wingman of the base's flight commander of Saber class interceptors who would later on give him a recommendation for promotion. With a performance going above and beyond the call of duty that involved five confirmed kills, making him an ace within a single mission, but also heading up of the rescue teams in the aftermath to collect pilots that were forced to eject, Byakko in the end was awarded the Federal Star with Valor for his performance.

Rather than remaining as a freighter captain, Byakko instead chose to transfer into an interceptor squadron and within only a few years he rose through the ranks to his current position when at the age of 22 he received a direct request to operate under the command of Admiral Hamilton aboard Paradise Station as its unit commander of the Hades 1 flight group of Saber interceptors which operates as part of the primary defensive force employed on the station. His role as unit commander continues to this day.

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