The Calirai are known by Terrans by another name: Apocrypha.

Some attribute demonic traits to the Calirai, due to their similarity to Ancient Terran demon myths, which some try to attribute to Calirai visitations in ancient times. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the Calirai may have been watching our planet in the times before humans, all the way back to the primal planet, newborn from the fires of creation. Though many have tried to investigate the mysteries of the Calirai, few have found any solid evidence, and many reports from freighter captains of sightings of 'ghost ships' which are reported as if looking 'taken to peices' and yet seem to fly through space under some mysterious control have similarly been difficult to substantiate, leading some to believe them possibly the ramblings of space sick fools.

One of the only recorded accounts of a possible Calirai ship involved the Unnatural formation of an aurora borealis next to a deep space station. The recording showed a mysterious ship forming from what appeared to be energy itself. However moments later it disappeared just as fast as it arrived. This of course leading to speculation as to what or whom the ship belonged to…

A message broadcasts in the depths of space…

[Message Corruption Detected]

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MD4: 94b9ba19c66ec5ade32b1ea706e719b3
MD5: d4e0b5c11e5e80ca6323d0393c43a260
CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :

CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
(form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):

SHA1: 062003a6908e8f1b01718ffae826fb9261dc0265

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[Message End]

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