Cargil Manehoim

Name: Cargil Manehoim
Species: Anthro-Canine Type: Pit-bull (DS Class Questhund)
Homeworld: Terra A-IV
Size: 6'3
Gender: M
Physical description: Cargil appeared as a curiously calm but watchful humanoid pit-bull, complete with cheerful, glacier-blue eyes, and a smooth magnesium-flare white pelt, with abyssal black fur at the tips of his aesthetically clipped ears and clawed hands. He stood tall at broad-shouldered and barrel-chested 6'3.

Physical Build: Muscular. Plantigrade.
Occupation(S): Solo-craft/fighter Pilot Deep-Space Salvage, Freebooter & Mercenary.

Notes: Cargil pays regular rent for a berth, room, and dock-space on Paradise station, occasionally purchasing supplies, repairs or upgrades as necessary. He's fairly easy to get along with, if a bit inquisitive, and occasionally too sarcastic for some.

Cargil's main benefit to any outfit is his tendency to pop up with useful or just plain novel items, that other people might feel likely to trade for. Usually at low (LOW) prices. As a frequent spacer, he has cybernetic enhancements, such as lung and anti-disease implants, and dermal armor as well as a cosmetically augmented left eye with a HUD, and pelt-color-shifting capabilities. He has some technical/engineering expertise, but not enough to be used for anything more then emergency jury-rigging.

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