Cerine Pasquais

Cerine is a tall, leggy and lithe anthropomorphic vixen, newcomer to the station from a low tech world, stranded here by accident. Despite that, she very quickly recovered from the shock and adapted to living in an enviroinment she only read in sci-fi books. Right now, she is opening a lingerie store on the station, hoping to draw in clients more interested in sensuality than raw sexuality. She is also considering supplimenting her business with a selection of adult toys, but she isn't yet sure how saturated that market is.


Back story:

Bernardette Cerine Pasquais is a young anthropomorphic vixen hailing from a world that carries multitude of humanoid, sentient furry species. Collectively, they have reached the level of development very similar to contemporary (real life) Earth, with computers slowly permeating their lives, with stars just as far to average person as they were millennia ago.

On her planet, Cerine owned and ran, along with a chocolate bunny doe named Elisa Moreau, a small lingerie store.

One dark, very stormy October night, while she was returning home from late night work at the store she was struck by what appeared - to her - like a lightning and was knocked uncouncious.

The primary effect was, though, that she was transported to a completely different planet, into a prison cell of a powerful mage that planned to use her as a slave.

Along the vixen a few other femmes were transported in that night, all from the same city block Cerine was passing through at that fateful moment. Over time, the femmes managed to band together and break out from their prison.

Outside, they found out that they are stranded on a low tech but highly magical world with a culture nothing like their own.. Some of them even found they have a knack for the magic.

After running from the mage that brought them to this world for several months, the band decided to bring the fight back to him and try getting back to their original home world; they succeeded in sneaking into his castle and penetrated right into his lab, where they were caught red handed trying to decipher his spell book! Trapped between an enraged mage and a hundred feet fall, the girl that knew the most magic tried to invoke a spell, any spell, from that book in desperation.

Just as the mage was casting his doomsday spell, the femmes winked out.. and Cerine, along with one of her friends, found themselves on the Station.

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