Name chione

Species Kitsune

Size smallish-medium

Physical description and/or a reference photo.
Chione has reddish brown hair down to the middle of her back. The skinny fox has bright brown eyes that's full of life. Her body is furless, but her ears are quite large and the fur on them is very soft. Her fluffy tail is reddish brown that starts fading to white from the middle down to the end.

Weight and/or physical build.
She's only about 70 pounds soaking wet and about four and a half feet tall. She almost looks malnourished but it's really mostly genetics keeping her so skinny. She eats very well.

She remembers nothing from about 9 1/2 years old and back. It's in her head, she just can't find the memories and pull them to the surface. She was a slave for the Brotherhood of Man for the last 6 or 7 years doing their computer dirty work. The found she had a talent for computers and hacking and that she already had implants in her head. They figured she'd be a cheap upgrade, shoved more cyber in that head of her's and set her off to work. She was lucky enough to come into the employ of a kind (by Brotherhood standards) master but she hated her life with them so much that she orchestrated an escape. Not just for her, but for everyone that wanted a better life. She sabotaged the base they were at after sending coded messages to the Abolitionists. Rescue came in the form of Aislinn and hir crew. Chione was rescued, along with a lot of other slaves and soldiers. With a bit of reconditioning they joined the cause and chione earned a place on Aislinn's crew.

A few short months ago a rather large, rather old station was discovered. Chione couldn't unlock the systems, but she did bypass them enough to keep the station from attacking everyone. More people came and the little fox had a life that she kinda liked. Good people without the fear she once had. On an off chance of mentioning that she couldn't remember anything from when she was younger, she was ordered by Neith to get a cranial scan. This showed two different types of implants which lead to conclusions and a searching which brought a reward poster for a LOT of money for chione's safe return. The contact info lead to a Kioko and this brought up so many feelings attached to memories she couldn't see…

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