Class Restrictions

As would be obvious to anyone who has fired a weapon, it takes a bit of knowledge on how to operate it, not to mention have the required skill and physical ability. Because of this, everyone will be able to use every different weapon, at least not in a skillful way. Listed below are restrictions based on what each class receives as well as what law allows.


Civilians have the most restrictions. They are only allowed to carry a pistol in most places, though some allow for larger weapons for the purpose of self defense on their own property or for hunting. Melee weapons are allowed to them so long as they have limited destructive capability. These restrictions are more based off of location and they may change depending on the planet, ship, or station that is being visited.


While technically civilians, anyone with a trading license is allowed to carry personal defense weapons while they are on their own ship. This comes as a result of pirate and raider attacks on shipping and the need for a crew to defend itself since prisoners are almost never taken and only a few groups recognize that it is better to leave a crew alive so that a ship can be raided multiple times.


Security forces across controlled space benefit in way that no other group does in that they are funded by several tiers of authority. The system government is the prime source of funds but some security groups also receive addition funds from their local government and a few are in wealthy locations where even more funds are provided directly by citizens worried about their protection. While most security forces are limited to the lower spectrum of weapons due to government restrictions, it is starting to become more common for the Terran government to send heavier weaponry as an insurance policy should any major events take place. The line between security and military has begun to blur because of this as "heavy security" forces are basically a name for military units stationed for added protection. For standard security forces, however, pistols and personal defense weapons are still the standard issue.

Light Infantry

Used in close combat situations, light infantry rely on short-barrel weapons along with a mix of speed and stealth to accomplish their goals. A power assist suit with limited armoring is all they wear but the style of combat they employ usually means that an enemy should already be in the crosshairs before there is a chance for them to fire.

Standard Infantry

Comprising the main fighting force of any army is the standard infantry. They make up close to three quarters of a front line force and are what control the flow of combat more than anything else. Infantry use rifles and work at medium range in teams of 4 to 20 to accomplish their goals. Infantry wear standard power assist suits and heavy body armor for protection.

Heavy Infantry

Using weapons that can sustain their fire for long periods of time, heavy infantry provide covering fire to the rest of their squad to allow for quick advances through medium range combat. They are limited in number, usually one per every 10-man squad but play a very important role. Heavy infantry use an improved power assist suit to handle the added recoil and weight of their weapons and they wear the same heavy armor as standard infantry.

Heavy Weapons

As long as something remains an open field infantry battle there is not much in the way of victory for a large force. Should vehicles and protected emplacements become involved, the standard soldier is very ill equipped to deal with the situation. The heavy weapons soldier is the solution to this. Outfitted with weapons capable of destroying armor and structures. Heavy infantry also wear an advance power assist suit as well as assault armor so that they can take fire for some period of time while still performing their role.

Squad Designated Marksman

The most accurate shooter of any squad is given the choice of any rifle desired. This rifle is usually custom fit to them in some way to improve their accuracy even more. The attack range of the SDM is usually well beyond that of the rest of their squad and they are often the one responsible for secondary duties such as communications and recon. The squad designated marksman operates with an improved power assist suit and heavy armor.


Surpassing even the squad designated marksman for accuracy, snipers operate alone or with one other soldier who operates as a spotter and serves as their protection should they be discovered. The weapons of a sniper are often much heavier or produce far more recoil than other infantry and they most often use a heavy power assist suit. The increased range of motion they must endure means that snipers are limited to light armor, though if they are doing their job they should not require it at all.

Armored Infantry

With the creation of power armor came the armored infantry. The heaviest soldiers on the battlefield by far, they carry a level of destructive power unlike anything else. Used to break defensive lines or as front to stop advancing forces they command the highest level of respect from anyone. Only officers are given access to this powerful setup and they often times are the local commander of a battle zone.

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