Conventional Weapons

Conventional weapons are the oldest form of projectile weaponry currently in use by the Terran military. While updates from the original designs have come a long way the basic principle is still the same as it ever was. In every design a chemical propellant is ignited and the expanding gasses are used to propel a projectile down the barrel of a weapon.

The main advantage of conventional weapons is that they do not rely on external power sources to operate. The workings of the weapons are also very robust and reliable in comparison to some of the other weapon types which means that conventional weapons are sometimes the only choice in very harsh environments due to their completely mechanical nature.

The major downside to them is that they were the first weapon that armor and later on shields were developed to defend against. The designs have changed and advanced in an ongoing arms race to remain a viable option in warfare despite this and they show no signs of going away anytime soon.

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