Custom Weapons

Instead of listing a page for each custom weapon it is recommended that each character list any and all custom weapons they use. Custom weapons must be approved and be realistic in some sense. By this it is suggested that the creation of a weapon with an unbalance such as absurd rates of fire, damage beyond what should be carried by the class that uses it, features such as auto-aiming or x-ray vision (falling under the ban against anything radioactive), etc should be avoided.

A weapon does not need to be possible in today's world for it to be allowed. Use your imagination but try and make something that make sense to everyone by not working off of the principle of "because I said so." It is also recommended that a list of stats for the weapon similar to those already in place be put up as well so that it has an even better baseline. If you weapon does not fit then you will be asked to change it. The admin will not do it for you.

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