Cyn is a nanite creature that can assume a wide variety of forms.

Hir preferred form is often a hermaphrodite Wolf, Tiger, and Dragon crossbeed.

In terms of body type, Cyn can be best described as a swimmer; Shi possesses a healthy weight and bits of pudge on hir body while also being well muscled. Hir breasts are D-cups in hybrid form. Shi stands at six feet in height.

For Body Shape, Cyn draws mostly on hir Wolf and Tiger traits. The largest modification made to hir body by hir dragon breed are hir face, which ends in a long, tapered snout like a shark. Shi also possesses two horns on the top of hir head that sweep backwards between hir ears

For Fur patterns, Cyn possesses a heart-shaped fur mark on hir right butt cheek, a heartbutt fur pattern, black stripes on hir back, and a patch of white on her left eye. Hir fur also grows in larger tufts at the center of hir chest, above hir sexes, around hir nipples, on hir wrists, and on hir ankles.

Other notable traits that Cyn possesses are her long, thick, plumed tail, hir three foot long tongue, and hir large hands and feet. It should be noted that her footpads, though normally rough, become soft, tender, and sensitive when tickled or provided enough attention.

Hir stomach lacks a belly button. Hir eyes are red-orange, but possess no pupils, and are located on either side of hir head meaning that shi has a limited arc of vision which both eyes can be used.

In terms of clothing, Cyn prefers to wear a poncho/scarf and a pair of hide slacks. Because of hir eyes, shi normally wears glasses or goggles.


Eyes – Red Orange

Hair – Dark Dusty Brown

Skin – Heavily Tanned, Reddish

Fur Pelt – Dust Brown

Fur Underside / Heartbutt / Left Eye – Snow White

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