Ryuh and Reoh Dani

Ryuh-Dani and Reoh-Dani

Species: Both Catheri
Height: Both 3'6"
Weight: Both 110lbs
Fur Color: Both White
Eye Color: Both Violet, with matching, oval shaped Soulgems
Hair: None

Ryuh-Dani and Reoh-Dani are, obviously at a glance, identical twins. At first glance, depending on their dress at the time, they would both seem to be female, as Ryuh-Dani has a mostly feminine appearance and build. Chest size would be a clear giveaway if Reoh-Dani did not have such a modest bust. Both have trim, athletic builds achieved through an active, physical lifestyle, and both move with a fluid sort of grace, often at the exact same time. Usually telling them apart is a difficult task, as they seem to enjoy dressing in an identical manner at almost all times, and even go so far as to finish each others sentences regularly.

Of note is the special bond the two of them share with each other, an extremely rare condition that occurs among Catheri where the two of them are inextricably linked from birth, not physically but by mind and heart. One could, essentially, say that they are two bodies shared by a single mind; the two can communicate their thoughts, feelings, and even share physical sensation from one to the other without any sort of effort or strain. This said, they can also selectively withhold sensation and such from the other, however this is usually only done in situations where one is injured and wanting to spare their partner from pain.

The idea of keeping a secret from their twin is a difficult concept to grasp, and the idea of lying to one another is absolutely unthinkable. They share a bond of trust and love for one another more powerful than any relationship they will -ever- know with another being, and to violate that bond, with even the tiniest of white lies, would cause both twins incredible emotional pain.

Ryuh- and Reoh-Dani were born on the Catheri home world, where their 'joined' nature was fairly quickly determined; when one cried, the other cried, when one laughed so did the other (this, coincidentally, made life interesting for their parents, trying to figure out which one had a problem when both began to cry). The two, as almost always happens among soul-bonded twins, decided which of their given names they preferred and both began to answer to that one. They did very well in whatever they chose to apply themselves to, with an especially pronounced talent in martial arts and other physical activities.
This led them, upon reaching adulthood, to choose to enlist in the Catheri military. They were notably more effective when paired, while when split up by any choice other than their own, their skills suffered. This led them to quickly be introduced into a special program in which they were trained as a team, with emphasis on two-man and otherwise small-squad tactics. Like anything else they applied themselves to, they excelled.
The two have enjoyed a successful career as special-operations soldiers, and are currently attached to the command of Ryoh-Kenshi on Paradise Station.

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