Rurik Retsnoma

Name: Rurik Retsnoma
Alias: none
Ship: Dark Star V.2
Shipboard AI: Classified
Home planet: Paradise Station
Birth planet: earth
Race: anthro clouded leopard
Sex: male
Weight: around 210 (earth pounds)
Height: 5’6”
Known armory: projectile weapons are his preference.
Miscellaneous items: Three cans (3) of smoked sardines (imported from earth) five knives (metal and ceramic) hidden on his person (one in each boot under the heel, one sewn into the lineing of his jacket. one strapped to his back under his coat and one strapped to his hip. a pack of mint flavored gum in his left inner jacket pocket and a small bag of hard candy in his jacket's right outer pocket. his pda, a throw back to a very old bit of tech, he still prefers it to any HUD system. he carrys a small black box in his left pants pocket. inside is a small blank ring of white metal. (an alloy of the same metals he mines)
Normal attire: old style blue jeans, various shirts woven from hemp. long black trench coat with three bullet holes through the left shoulder.
description: Fur is light colored with dark black spots set in the normal tiled pattern of clouded leopards. Face is somewhat covered in same spots. Hands are fur covered but do have pads.
Rurik Retsnoma is an anthro clouded leopard and is currently living on his ship. His fur is light-colored with black spots and is medium density and length. His fur is soft, but somewhat unkempt. He has two average feline ears that are the same color as his fur. These ears are very acute, approximately like that of his leopard side. He has light blue eyes and has a few whiskers that grow out from his muzzle. His muzzle is feline in shape with a roughly triangular nose. He has two fangs which grow out of his mouth from his upper jaw, where human canines are. His hair (or perhaps mane?) is long, blond and tied back so that it is out of the way.
His face and hands are covered with fur. His hands each have 5 fingers on them, with one opposable thumb. His hands and feet all have pads on them. His hands and feet both have retractable claws. His tail is three feet in length and follows the same patterning that is on his body. He wears steel toed boots.
His defensive armor, if needed, will consist of heavy alloy industrial power armor. Sometimes, he will have some knife blades, occasionally with makeshift handles.
He is 5’ 6” tall and weighs 210 Earth pounds. He is of an average build. Though he leans towards muscular, he is somewhat pudgy, but without a pot belly. He is in his late twenties. He moves in a feline manner, but isn’t very graceful due to his love of booze and good food, instead adopting a more lazy gait. He is an omnivore, but eats mostly meat. He has no markings or scars on him and never uses a feral stance.
Rurik was born, like most federation boys on a ship. which one he really couldn't tell you. he has spent his life so far jumping from one ship to the next, not ever really having a permanent home to speak of.
After a few years, he was brought to a station management office, where he was offered a ship. nothing too extravagant at first. a small mining vessel. he had found at one point he was rather good at the long hauls of a mine operator. he sent in an application and was rewarded for it. his new ship aptly named DarkStar. was costume built for him by the the Federation Corp of Engineers. After a month of gettting to know his new crew, he set out for the stars to make his fortune.

(short ship description stolen from ganesa)<Ganesa> You have a custom made, high efficiency mining command cruiser, you have a full on board refinery and processing center, including construction bays, somewhere around five hundred mining drone craft, equipped with transporters to send the minerals back to the mother-ship, and dematerializes to turn the detritus into energy to run the drone craft

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