Desiree Nightwind

Name: Desiree Nightwind
Species: Kitsune
Size: 5'6"
Weight: 137lbs
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Occupation: Cyberneticist
Age: Esimated 1000 years or so, but you never ask a girl her age~

Physical description and/or a reference photo; (NSFW) (NSFW)

- Known Past -
From a very young age Desiree was always curious about Machines and Computers, which eventually evolved in her steadily gaining knowledge in Cybernetics. Her focus started to head towards that of mental linking Cyberwear after coming to learn about the Telarians and how they share memories and the like nearly instantaneously. The kitsune's vision is to build implants capable of allowing similar capabilities across species and between any number of users, allowing for sharing and gathering of thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Somewhere along the line she has gotten a bit sidetracked when she came across a beautiful kitsune matron by the name of Kioko, was pretty awestruck the moment she laid eyes on hir. But being the obsessive knowledge seeking individual that she was, she hid her feelings and tried to focus on her work, always thinking that she wasn't good enough for that godess. Of course like all good love stories with the shy protagonist and the heroine smitten with them, Kioko made the first move one day… the poor colorful kitsune was swept up within Kioko's love from that moment and has been besides hir through thick and thin.

They eventually had a daughter named Chione, and love was overflowing with the couple and their offspring. That took a turn for the worse that one fateful day when Desiree's ship was attacked by the Brotherhood of Man, she fought them off but soon found that her 9 year old daughter was taken off the ship, which had been too damaged to give a meaningful pursuit. Kioko and Desiree searched as best as they could, 9 grueling years of searching, putting out rewards. Not too long ago they received a message from Paradise Station that they had their daughter, and to bring the reward money with them. Overjoyed, they rushed out as soon as they could, and are all currently residing on the station, which at Chione's request is a permanent move!

(Letting Kioko fill in anything shi wants in the past area if shi wants more details in parts)

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