Devon Basiat

Full Name: Devon Basiat
Alias: Dreamer | Dream Bear
Occupation: Spiritualist
Average Height: 7ft2in
General Description:
Coarse brown fur covers her body, tinted a reddish huge. She is constantly shoving her dark brown curls out of her eyes or face, or brushing it over her shoulder with the rest of her hip length hair. She has dark brown eyes and a short, stubby muzzle often shaped into a lazy smile.

Her generous body boasts large, firm breasts, a soft, rounded tummy and wide feminine hips. Her soft, plush stomach rounds out just enough to give her a healthy, well fed shape. The way her hips flare out maintain the thick hourglass shape, and draw attention to her large but beautiful butt.

Strong, muscular legs support her ample frame and make for an even more inviting view of her generous figure. Her feet are broad, large paws, thick toes pressing down against the floor.

Her hair meshes smoothly with the deep blue of a bucket hat. Her breasts fitted tightly to a halter top which leaves little room to the imagination, the mid riff leaving her tummy exposed. A jacket adorns her out fit, pockets seeming to sprout everywhere, ending with a complimentary set of jeans, hugging her form tightly. A pair of earthy sandals addorn her feet. What could have been considered nice and clean, it seems as though time and use has laid its hands upon them, colors slightly faded. Creases drawing attention to her more subtle figure.

An Ivory pendant with a burned, decorative cross strung from her neck by woven leather and beads.
An ivory charm on her bracelet that mimics her pendant, tied to her wrist by woven leather and decorative cord.
Woven leather ankle bracelets decorated with beads.
A thick, deep hip pouch smelling of strong, pugnant dried herbs.

Devon was a young shaman druid on her home planet. A terran world where most of the planet was built up technologically, there were still small bastions of nomad naturalists. Though they did not shun technology, they chose to happily live their life without it. They would occupy the small pockets of undeveloped forest and land still unowned by one corporation or another. When somebody 'bought out' the land they lived on, they would move on to another camp. The corporate entities on the planet however, viewed them more as a pest. A nusance standing in the way of profit and development. Eventually, a private military group was brought in to eliminate several of these naturalist camps. During the raids, no one ever expected the forests and fields themselves to rise in defense of their residents, but it was to much for Devon. Sick and tired of being bullied and attacked and raided, she started looking for a more permanent personal solution. This has led her to Paradise Station.

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