The majestic dragon. the greatest problem with grouping them all in this category is that there are so many forms and types of them. So if there's something that doesn't seem to match with your view, just edit it ;)

Physical Characteristics

Starting with the head, dragons may have a number of head sizes and shapes and can have any type of eyes. Some have horns on their head, usually two or three, while others have none. Their maws usually have a row of very sharp teeth. Their tongue is usually long and may or may not be forked. Some are capable of breathing fire while others may be able to breath some other element. Their necks can be of variable length. They usually have two wings, one on each side of their body which can be used for flight. Their paws/hands always have sharp claws that can tear through almost anything. Some dragons prefer a more feral stance while some prefer an anthropomorphic stance. Their tail seems to be around half their entire length, although there are exceptions. Their scales are usually extremely strong, though there are dragons without these strong scales. The strongest scales are rumored to be capable of deflecting all but the strongest enchanted weapons. (and, of course, black holes and the like.)


Dragons come in a variety of colors and shading patterns. It is unsure if there can be a dragon of all colors, but so far noone has been able to think of a color that some dragon out in the worlds doesn't have as a scale color. Some dragons have only one color that plays out over their scales. Some have a primary color which shades to a secondary or even a tertiary color (or possibly more) over their body. Some have belly scales of one color while their other scales are a different color. Some are even more like a rainbow than any individual color.

Magical Abilities

It is unsure whether dragons have magic or not, as it seems impossible to get one to use his or her magic in view of another creature… that doesn't get killed, of course. If they were to have magic, however, then it can be safely assumed that they have a large store of it that is usable.


Little else is known at this time. Please come back and check to see if there's more information soon.

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