Elisa Moreau

Elisa Moreau is a young looking, tall chocolate and cream coloured bunny doe. She usually dresses light, most often in a light silk ghagra choli that leaves her midriff exposed; the colours of her dress are usually white and cobalt blue with golden accents. She can often be seen carrying a spearlike staff with leaflike, golden blade; it is the symbol of her status as Priestess and Coven Mother of Kalannah, Goddess of Life, Fertility and Maternity.

The bunny's warm, easygoing demeanour easily underlines her beauty, boosting her from just yet another femme with near-perfect body right into a true vision; she is almost always smiling, laughing easily, eager to share her warmth and joy of living with anyone who needs it. She has almost uncanny ability to determine who needs a little cheering up, who could use gentle motherly love and who would enjoy a bit of innocent flirting. She can also easily single out those that could be hurt by her attention, either through putting strain into their existing relationship or because of the danger of becoming addicted to her. That attitude gained her a bit of reputation amongst certain parts of station's population as being "easy"; while it is true that she shares her warmth (and her bed) easily it does not mean she'll do it for anyone, anytime, for just the reason someone wants it.

Elisa arrived at the Station along with Cerine, but unlike the vixen, she found she carried a gift of healing within her while being still in mage's forced servitude. Her gift bloomed and grew quickly under the tutelage of an entity that called itself Kalannah, who trained and advised the bunny through visions that filled her dreams.

After the group of kidnapped femmes broke free of mage's grasp, Elisa decided to join the Order of Kalannah, quickly becoming a priestess due to the direct influence of the Goddess. Travelling with the group, the bunny served both as a healer and impromptu guide as well often helping them earn their keep since her services always fetched a good coin.

On the Station, she holds a class B medical license that reflects the powers granted to her as Priestess of Kalannah: the ability to sculpt and shape flesh, right down to the DNA code, with a mere thought. That gift is not without limits, though; it takes great focus and a lot of energy out of her to do anything more than stop a bleeding and heal a cut quickly. While she often helps those unwilling or unable to use Station Medical's more traditional services, most of her work is actually cosmetic "surgery", where her unique blend of painless, intrusionless flesh sculpting combined with the ability to react to patient's comments and suggestions practically in realtime makes her very popular among those seeking to improve their appearance.

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