Federation Research LPP-X1 Type I Particle Weapon

After the success of the prototype particle weapon developed by the Federation in 3264 TSC, researchers decided to attempt an upscaled version to push the limits of what could be carried into battle. Work was slow for the most part given that they were still dealing with a very new field of weapons development. Finally, in 3301 the final pieces needed fell in place and the Long Pulse Particle beam had been finished.

The initial problem with simply increasing the scale of the original design is that the particle beam starts to expand rather quickly out of the barrel of the weapon the larger the caliber is. The initial solution was to use magnetic focusing to keep the beam intact for longer but it only proved to be marginally effective. As researchers started to lose hope in the design for anything more than an infantry weapon it was noticed that the main reason for this dispersion was due to a rotation of the beam as it was generated.

This made a solution rather simple now that the process was better understood. Using what one would consider an anti-rifling setup, the focusing magnets in the barrel were given a rotation opposite of the beam to negate the spin. While the particle beam would still disperse over a large distance it was now 20 times greater than than what it had previously been. Unfortunately, the addition of the magnets and increase of the weapon's size in general has put it beyond what even a power assist suit is capable of handling and the LPP-X1 is only manageable while wearing power armor.

Currently there are only a few prototypes of the LPP-X1 in existence. Each model is tracked by a security beacon and it is registered for use to only one person at a time. A neural interface scan ensures that it cannot be used by someone else and shout the weapon ever leave a programed security safe zone it will immediately self-terminate. Power cells capable of powering the device are still in the experimental stage as well, though with their use in other weapon designs they are not impossible to find.

Class: Armored Infantry
Caliber: 50mm
Energy Source: MEX-250, IEX-10
Capacity: 4
Beam Duration: 750ms
Recharge Time: 8500ms
Particle Mass: 120-150g
Effective Range: 750m
Armor Penetration: extreme
Shield Penetration: very high
Damage per round: extreme
Velocity: 4000 m/s

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