Federation Research P-PAC Type II Particle Weapon

A secondary discovery with particle weapons technology lead to the creation of the type II particle beam within only a few years. While not as powerful as the type I, it still provided a huge leap in devastating power over other weapons currently in use. It took a few years for the kinks to be worked out but in 3292 TSC the Plasma-Particle Acceleration Cannon was finally ready for the first limited production run.

The weapon varies only slightly from the original test design due to the fact that weaponization had already begun through the early testing phases. Reinforcement in key areas as well as a limited amount of armoring and a neural interface were added to meet and exceed the minimum requirements for experimental weaponry in the Federation military. Additionally, the weapon was changed from having a continuous beam that fired for the fully duration that it could to one that could be shut off at any given time with the release of the trigger. As semi-stable field would be kept active and recharged so that no loss of power occurred.

As with the other particle weapons, distribution has been initially limited to special forces with only a handful of private security details under direct supervision by the Federation command being given access to the P-PAC thus far. Unlike the Type I designs that so far have shown no limit to how large they can be made with enough power, the P-PAC is more or less the limit for what Type II can accomplish until any solution to this can be found.

Class: Heavy Weapons
Caliber: 10mm
Energy Source: MEX-250, IEX-10
Capacity: 100 seconds
Beam Duration: up to 15000ms
Recharge Time: 750ms per 1000ms of use
Effective Range: 450m
Armor Penetration: high
Shield Penetration: very high
Damage per round: very high

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