Federation Research SPP-X1 Type I Particle Weapon

The original particle weapon developed by the Federation in 3258 TSC was undoubtedly the greatest leap in weapon design since the creation of plasma weaponry over 3000 years prior. While the initial weapon was merely a test platform it would not be long before the Federation wished for it to be put into a design that would work in actual combat.

Skip six years ahead and the release of the Short Pulse Plasma - Experimental had been finally configured into a design that the military heads would accept. The designation of "short pulse" coming from the fact that the weapon was made somewhat smaller than the original and had a shorter beam duration. While it was small enough to be carried by standard infantry, the heads decided that it was far too important at its current stage of use to be pushed forward so recklessly. Instead, over a period that has extended up to this very day, special forces of the military have been receiving a limited number of them for combat testing. So far there have been no major issues and full scale production of the SPP-X1 is scheduled to begin within the next 20 years for deployment with the primary military force.

Recently, private forces under the highest level of trust from the Federation are getting samples as well as the wish to explore the full range of capabilities is of great intrigue. These are much more tightly controlled than any of the other issued weapons as they are more or less existing in a civilian setting for the purpose of heavy defense and public knowledge of their existence in any of these areas is strictly forbidden to prevent attempted theft.

Class: Heavy Infantry
Caliber: 25mm
Energy Source: MEX-250, IEX-10
Capacity: 12
Beam Duration: 250ms
Recharge Time: 4000ms
Particle Mass: 80-100g
Effective Range: 750m
Armor Penetration: very high
Shield Penetration: very high
Damage per round: very high
Velocity: 4000 m/s

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