The Fenogens are a race native to Bingion

Fenogens are biologic shape shifters, able to control their mass to form any sort of body, basic shape, or natural fractal.

Fenogens are generally of an above average intellect, but not nearly as quick minded as the Ginken. However, the nature of Fenogen reproduction gives them several advantages.

When Fenogens reproduce, they meld their genetic structures, which also contain deep seated knowledge each Fenogen had obtained in their life time. The produced offspring are fully sentient and have the majority knowledge base of both parents.

As a result, the Fenogen race tends to have steady generational improvements, and are the keepers of most of the past customs and rituals. The parental instinct to care over their young is also mostly undeveloped other then a very philosophical attachment, and Fenogens in general regard each other as absolute equals.

Fenogens are able to share a full mental snapshot with one another with any physical contact.

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