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SaliciaSalicia 23 Mar 2010 22:04
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This page needs more info. Ganesa, if you read this, you might wanna add some more? ;)

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The logs from IRC:

[10:57pm] <Aislinn>
cause, I agree, a doctor becoming killer, that doesn't make sense
[10:57pm] <Aislinn>
bit a trained killer learning the skills to perform feild surgery, that makes sense
[10:57pm] <Irick>
it's not likely though, from both a level of difficulty and the natural want to be recognized for your abilities.
[10:57pm] <Irick>
It would not make sence for them to become a highly skilled medical practitioner, actualy.
[10:58pm] <Irick>
again, Spec Ops is a specialty too.
[10:58pm] <Jester->
Skilled enough for field surgery and first aid, however?
[10:58pm] » Irick
[10:59pm] <Aislinn>
Irick, multiple specialties are alot more common in the age of the RP, lifespans easily top 500-800 years, and can reach up to 1200
[10:59pm] <Aislinn>
so there is alot more time for learning
[10:59pm] <Irick>
There is more discovered :P
[10:59pm] <Jester->
A big part of learning and practicing a trade is staying up-to-date as your trade progresses
[11:00pm] <Irick>
Witht he advent of AI each field would become exponentially more complex for organics, even with neural upgrades.
[11:01pm] <Aislinn>
Well, the human brain was enhanced, with much increased neural density, by the same thing that jumped lifespans up to their current degree
[11:01pm] <Irick>
all the time in the world will not stop the inevitable progression and march of times.
[11:02pm] <Irick>
each improvement will give ways to more complexities
[11:02pm] <Aislinn>
Irick: True, but along with the increased lifespan came technologies and physical adaptations that increased the Terran brain's ability to learn, and retain, information
[11:03pm] <Jester->
I feel kinda bad though. I've been playing a lot of games lately (i.e. Halo, for the most part) where a character has an AI partner that looks out for them, it's making me want to make such a character for the RP
[11:03pm] <Jester->
But it'd wind up being a very similar thing to what Irick has going on ._.
[11:03pm] <Irick>
Aislinn: that in itself makes learning medicine more complex.
[11:04pm] <Aislinn>
Further, Biosynthetic Datalinks are common, its basically a biological wireless I/O port, allowing relevant information to be drawn from the galactic net, and stored in a Biosynthetic Data Storage device
[11:06pm] <Irick>
And that makes strategy more and more complex.
[11:07pm] <Irick>
every improvement leads to a higher needed base of knowledge. we can see that even now. the fields don't get simpler over time.
[11:22pm] <Irick>
i mean the real issue would end up being at which point do you switch focuses on two rapidly evolving fields in order to catch up, or how proficient can you be compared to those at similar or even lesser abilities who devote themselves wholey to one field.
[11:25pm] <Irick>
you can always have a basis in another field from intellectual curiosity, but expecting to be a leader on either field would not be realistic, much less being well established or highly skilled relative to your peers in both simultaneously.

I've tried that before, it doesn't work at all with DA images. I've tried.

GM Ruling: due to the nature of the timeline, all references to modern day items are FULLY ALLOWABLE, the Galacticnet has information on all sorts of "olden days" equipment, and could very easily allow for the production of a replica Yamaha Motorcycle. This is ESPECIALLY true for someone who works in a high risk field of employment, such as being a Protectorate Deep Cover Operative.

For one, with future technology that is set here it's likely that the engine would produce zero emissions, possibly being "battery" powered or some variation thereupon. It's ONLY YAMAHA IN SHAPE! Geese you're a nit picker.

And it's not a 'convenience' thing, she wants to have a Bike, she likes to ride it, it's like "Why drive that old heap when you could upgrade to something better?", because SHE WANTS TO!

Given a space station is a closed system with air that is neededly recycled, and taking into account the toll exhaust emissions would put on the filtration systems it is highly unlikely a combustion engine as inefficient and messy as a gasoline engine would be in use in any mode of transportation.

Also the station is rigged with several telleportation decks, which in all practicality would reduce conventional means of transportation to a hobby. It is further unlikely that the station layout would be designed to accommodate such vehicles except, perhaps, for small designated tracks.

It is much more likely that one would come across either small personal vehicles (think segway or electric moped) or simply that there would be none.

It depends on the area within the space station, especially if it's the size of a few cities, if there's roads for service vehicles to travel then a motorcycle would work just as well. As well as she could use it as primary travel while on the surface of a planet and could still be prevalent in the RP

I don't think motorcycles are a prevalent mode of conveyance within space stations :P

Well… apart from me not really being around the channel much these days >.<, I didn't exactly describe it word for word, but it's a Yamaha style bike. And there's planets with medieval weaponry, there's planets that can have Yamaha style bikes!

The DA link brings one away from the site and navigation tree just to look at an image which could be embedded.

I'm not sure if it fits the settings :P

This is something that needs community discussion and input, as it affects content creators and players. Rules are as with any academic discussion.

I propose there is an inherent contradiction in a nanite being limited in a way which is

A) Not intended by design
B) Overcome by subsequent upgrades
C) Not wished by a being conscious of its state as a nanite being.

It stands to reason that if there are AI sophisticated enough to be self aware there should not be significant challenge in an AI assisted module to overcome the nanite's limitations, or an AI supervised transference of being to a newer 'body'.

Cyn would thus need both an attachment to her current nanites, or fear of AIs, both of which would make her blindness a begrudged acceptance. Also an externally implemented restriction, such as an intercepting chip could be used to give her the symptoms. There are of course a near infinite amount of other possibilities.

The last possibility, however, would red flag Cyn's symptoms upon medical evaluation or simply though gossip due to the possibility that someone may be intercepting her visual signals for information gathering purposes.

The above action would inevitably lead to either the ships AI or Ganesa learning of the nature of the being, and given Ganesa's and Irick's disposition, would lead to a system's upgrade and restore, invalidating the quirk.

However, the ability could be deliberately induced.

I am not contesting the fact that this is possible, only that Cyn would either need to be accepting of the condition, or that she would need to be unaware of the condition and her status as a nanite being, allowing medical examinations to chalk it up as a quirk of hybridization.

Suggestions on how a personality would develop when forming in parallel with an existing personality and memory set slowly being regained.

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