Goo-Form Combat

OOC: This is my brainstorming on how Irick's weaponry will be balanced, weaknesses, ect. With the possible exception of Ganesa, there is no IC way to obtain this information unless you are a Goo.


Goo-Form weaponry is generally restrained to that of melee weaponry when controlled by a being of normal mental aptitude, however as understanding of both the goo-form and the weapons being replicated or invented increases so can the complexity of the formed weapons.

There are several styles in which one may maintain a goo-form weapon, and each has it's own limitations.

The Ikken School:
The great strength of the Ikken School is that the style allows for a larger weapon and greater speed with little sacrifice of structural integrity and minimal reallocation of raw material, which allows for the user to maintain their form and defenses. It operates by vibrating particles in the air at high speeds, forming a pseudo-solid mass. The main weakness of this school is the ability for a sufficiently powerful computer to identify the phase of the vibration, given sensitive enough equipment, and form a goo-weapon using the same technique that would simply pass through the pseudo-solid. The only way to counter this is to continuously change phase, which is both physically and computationally draining.

It is again very draining to create dynamically form shifting weaponry with this technique.

(Not goo exclusive, any particle control would allow this style, including nanorobotics.)

The Devil's Dawn technique:
Named for the shear visual oddity of the style, it is perhaps the most common technique among biologic shapeshifters. It comes naturally and is thus the easiest form for natural born goos, however it is limited by both the mass of the user and the constraints of naturaly occurring fractals and base geometric forms: raw crystalline, amorphous, pyramids, spheres, etc.

Often the Goo will not bother separating the weapon from their body, as it feels more natural and allows a free-flowing shift in shapes.

The School of the Liquid Blade:
One of the oldest Schools of goo combat. The focus of this school is forming a continuously flowing mass, manipulating the speed of the flow in order to cut or get through an enemy's defenses. This is again limited to the shifter's mass and mental aptitude and takes many, many years to master. The school of the Liquid Blade focuses only on the offensive, and it is difficult to block with this technique. Practitioners often rely on speed to dodge enemy attacks.

Form of the Dark Angel:
(Exclusive to Irick until further notice, if you wish to use this please attempt to negotiate with me, Requires immense focus which is only achieved through Alice's near total control of his form, which means when he loses control)

A combination the Devil's Dawn technique and the Ikken school. Weapons formed are very simple geometrically, looking much like a low polygon three dimensional model. The form is intently stressful on natural goos and nearly impossible to practice without waring down one's physical form. The only advantage this form has is the shear multitude of weapons a practitioner can form and control at once.

The way of Truth.
Pioneered by a group of bio-shifters by the Satiric name of "The Academy of the True form" this technique uses a 1:1 ratio of mass taken from the goo to mass of the weapon, essentially a refined Devil's Dawn. It is very difficult to create a form-shifting weapon with this technique. Unlike the Ikken school these weapons can not be phased through, however as stated before they require a 1:1 ratio of taken mass.

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