Heat Bō

The bō staff is another ancient weapon that has seen new light with the advent of modern technology. While traditional designs were made from bamboo, most today are made from composites and offer a simple but effective weapon for brute force melee.

The heat bō takes this to the next level by adding a power cell that heats elements along the staff to temperatures well over 5000° C. While it seems like this would be rather unsafe, the unique alloys allow for the temperature to reach this level in under a second. Deactivating the heating elements will cause the staff to cool to room temperature just as quickly.

Most designs are solid like their traditional counterparts but some are collapsible and can be carried on a person quite easily as a weapon of last resort. Newer designs have added plasma tunneling jets to the tips of the staff so that it can be used as a piercing weapon when dealing with hardened armor. The air around the staff itself grows hot enough to create a localized plasma and as a result the heat bō has an interesting ability to almost instant drain shields with a single strike against a target.

As with many weapons of this nature, permission must be given by a person of high enough authority before a heat bō can be used, though a standard collapsible bō is quite often used by security forces since it can double both as a night stick or be extended fully for additional range when dealing with an armed subject.

Energy Source: ME-9
Capacity: 4 hours
Range: 1.5m
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: very high
Damage per hit: high

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