Hecks Jyassa Ragram

Hecks Jyassa Ragram, otherwise known as 'Hecks' or 'Hex' (depending on spelling) is a 25-year old male cheetah with a recessive trait known as 'Graying'. He is a talented engineer and mechanical designer, but has a myriad of social issues and is incessantly arrogant and condescending. He currently serves as a station technician and maintenance worker, much to his chagrin.

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Build: Slightly muscular, slightly chubby. (Not your stereotypical chee.)
Fur color: Gray with black spots, light gray chest.
Hair color: Crimson red (colored).

Birthplace: Some colony.
Sexual preference: Almost entirely men, some women have a chance.


Hecks was the first in a family of six cheetahs. He excelled in mathematics and critical thinking, but miserably failed in getting along with other peers. In fact, his record in elementary placement indicates superior thinking but undeveloped social skills. This was reflected throughout his experiences as a cub, where he endlessly tormented his peers and was valued far above most of his classmates.

After graduating from secondary school, Hecks had demonstrated a profound interest in mechanical engineering, in the particular fields of reinforced metallic composition, armament drafting and design, and, above all else, synthetic armor, electronic and responsive chassis construction. After the traditional five-year requirement of a technical college, which was given to him through a questionable scholarship, Hecks was able to graduate with the degree necessary for placing him in a pool of talented individuals. Aforementioned pool was particularly dedicated towards weapons design, and in turn, these selected individuals found themselves, in one way or another, employed by munitions and defense contractors eager to gobble up fresh, enthusiastic graduates.

Hecks was a little too eager, it turned out. His lack of interest in human life and heavy loyalty towards the pursuit of weapons landed him with a fresh opportunity with Advanced Laminate Opportunities (ALO), a company that had little to do with laminated armor and more to do with rampant bipedal weapon designs. Hecks, still fresh into the field, soon was pushed to the test and beyond, spending at least fourteen hours a day working overtime to help develop new combat models for both terrestrial and extra-vehicular, spatial arenas. Yet, both he and his project managers ultimately complained that their funding seemed stagnated. While Hecks and his team were fully engrossed with their studies, they found themselves rather heavily underfunded and struggling to finance any sort of developments, above all else, get the adequate supplies they needed to complete their work.

When their superiors came down upon them, the entire manufacturing and development teams threatened to quit. Ultimately, the executive board offered to pay them hefty sums of money each to continue developing their insufficient machinery, and in turn, feign ignorance. Hecks promptly resigned his work, under the excuse of being bored.

Unfortunately, Hecks could not locate new employment opportunities, for his associations with ALO, already considered the most questionably-corrupt and morally-deficient organization, annihilated any chance of another firm hiring him. So after five months within unemployment, and barely negotiating with the benefits the Protectorate offered him, Hecks rejoined the ALO. He was quickly returned to his position and retained the same payment.

Re-organization and Collapse
Before long, the ALO executives were required to demonstrate that the funds of their original contracts were manifesting properly. All of a sudden, the development teams, one of which Hecks belonged to, had financing beyond belief. With a sudden enthusiasm and a relative carte blanche towards any actions, the bio-mechanical combat frame program (otherwise known as the BMC Frames) launched into full-gear. Many potentially new and efficient technologies were offered to financiers and others, but the timeframe in which these mechanisms were delivered appeared far too delayed for almost the entirety of the investors in the ALO. Promptly, an audit, backed in full by the Protectorate, was followed. The reason for the government's intervention stemmed from the fact that at least 40% of the investors were given grants by the Protectorate themselves.

Soon, the ALO executives discovered that the relatively lenient and unconcerned approach they had towards their sufficiently paid but unworked technological staff was to be their downfall. As soon as Protectorate investigators arrived, many of the developers and engineers surrendered themselves and pointed to their superiors as corrupt and apathetic individuals, citing an absolute lack of funding. For months, ALO's top staff were under scrutiny. But because of the potential repercussions of the Protectorate's investment and affiliation with such a corrupt institution, media matters concerning this were minimal.

The ALO sacrificed several of their top staff and reorganized. Hecks was kept in his field and continued on. Within six months, his team found themselves overfunded again, and when the new project manager demanded that they all keep silent on the abundance of funds towards the supposed contract, all agreed. The cheetah was far more interested in delivering results with the surplus of funding, and ultimately refused some of his paycheck, so that it would go into weapons development.

For a year or so, the development teams found rampant success with their machinery, almost getting a certified grant by the Protectorate for their piloted and automated bipedal weapon systems to be released. However, the stigma that followed ALO silenced most of the potentials. Unsurprisingly, any firms that remained with the company retracted their financing, leaving the supposedly 'reformed' company in the dust. But when queried about what money remained in their accounts, the executives of the company wrathfully replied that they had spent all of it on not only design, but shunting all of the appropriated money into 'redeeming themselves'. Truth be told, only 60% of the money had been delivered to developers and machinists; the 30% that was supposed to be allocated lined the coffers of the leaders and their associates in the development team.

When a second audit passed, the Protectorate lived up to its' thorough name and investigated the entire staff. Hecks' superior was found guilty of manipulating finances and taking kickbacks. In turn, Hecks was found responsible as well for agreeing to go with the plan. What the gray cheetah considered freedom and an excess of finances, was in actuality a pale comparison to most industries. The ALO's ridiculous scheming had led their entire staff into the black list, and at that point, most were prosecuted.

Hecks Ragram himself earned several misdemeanors for his actions and lost virtually all status within his community, along with most of his co-workers. Being considered 'young and naive', much to his fury, Hecks was spared the judgment that many of his older co-workers were not, and got off with the lightest of sentences. To this date, it remains a major point of contention and bitterness for the feline.

To Paradise Station
With almost all of his reputation destroyed and his sentence passed, Hecks took off from the core planets and headed to Paradise Station, a locale where he could slowly rebuild his caliber. With technological know-how, he was easily able to assign himself as a service technician and laborer. While the latter provided him with daunting and exhausting tasks, the former easily showed his capacity for mechanical prowess. Ultimately, it may prove detrimental when the station requires an upgrade to its' defenses…


No matter what, Hecks has always been described as 'too blunt'. He is a social mess, with a superiority complex that ultimately betrays his complete insecurities. He is condescending to a tee and is more than willing to point out people's flaws. The justification is self-improvement, which he believes is best coordinated by himself.

However, he is very lonely, most likely due to a relative lack of companionship as he grows. Therefore, people who show a subtle interest in him will get the cheetah's attention fiercely. It is nothing he will initially show in person, however, for maintaining a professional disposition has always taken precedence. Yet, a close friendship or five and a relationship may help him stabilize his emotions.

Otherwise, he is exceptionally paranoid and almost neurotic due to the incriminating events of the ALO. He often finds his initial work demeaning and pathetic and has no issues complaining about it, primarily because he figures that if Paradise Station's employment fails, he'll end up a step beneath, on the streets, anyway. It's fairly pathetic, considering his talents.

Not that it would shock the aware, but he's a massive nympho beneath it all. He was formerly known as a male who would lock himself in the room for a lotion-aided festival for hours. back in the ALO. Bringing up any potential erotic traits of his will almost always involve severe embarrassment and shame. An unfortunate condition, considering how versed he is in pleasuring himself, and, in his dreams and limited self-experiences, others.


Hecks is an incredibly efficient mechanical designer and drafter, and has the potential for becoming a leading pioneer in advanced robotics and combat systems. His capacity for synthetic muscle manufacturing, power distribution systems and weight distribution factors, along with Pilot-to-AI Synchronized Operation Controls, in particular, had him, at one point, a top candidate for bipedal weapons design. Unfortunately, his reputation with the ALO and the criminal charges successfully lobbied against him casts a shadow over this prowess he possesses.

In addition, he is a very competent tinkerer and has the ability to solve many mechanical problems quickly. It is almost always that his lack of resources keeps him from achieving his goals; any opportunity for him to obtain all the right parts is either considered serendipitous or manipulative by the cheetah, and reluctance tends to be his initial response, considering his ill-fated background.

Due to living alone for some time, he is a competent chef when a recipe is provided, but cannot improvise whatsoever. He has no musical or artistic aptitude whatsoever, considering it 'a waste of time' for the most part. However, his utter fascination with designing and experimenting with new machinery is almost an art in itself, something he will adamantly deny, no matter what.

He immerses himself in visual and linguistic puzzles whenever he can, and will occasionally ignore social events to huddle up in a corner and indulge.

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