Hellforge (Byakko)

The Hellforge is the private command ship of Byakko, an independent captain working out of Paradise Station. The ship is classified as a light cruiser, though it is far more advanced than most others in the trade. Practically every single aspect of the ship's design sets it apart from anything else flying in space, though it comes at a price of rather high maintenance in certain key areas.

The iSpace core of the Hellforge is massive compared to any other ship of its size, taking up nearly the entire rear quarter of the vessel. This means that engine output as well as weaponry can be sustained at their peaks and beyond for extended periods of time, an extreme edge in the harsh combat of deep space. The powerful engines also allow for the Hellforge to maneuver much more like a smaller frigate in combat. These features lend themselves to the other unique feature of the ship which is its small but potent compliment of multi-role strike craft. These craft are designed to either support the Hellforge in taking down larger targets than the ship could handle on its own, or conversely be supported by Hellforge itself when engaging other light craft.

Possibly the most terrifying feature of the entire vessel, however, is its main cannon. A custom piece that the captain considers a work of art - the Brimstone Cannon is a massive type I particle weapon with incredible power. The weapon itself runs along the entire spine of the cruiser and takes power directly from the iSpace core before any other systems. The advantage to this creates a weapon so devastating that the Hellforge is capable of destroying or disabling ships three to four times its size. This also means that anything the size of a frigate will end up completely vaporized if caught in the blast. The downside to all of this is that the extreme power draw hits the limit of what the ship's core can provide and therefore allows only the use of only bare minimum systems on board for 3 minutes after each firing. Needless to say it is practically an eternity in the heat of combat and thus the weapon's use is extremely limited.

Speed Rating:7
Turn Rating: 6
Armor Rating: 7
Shield Rating: 7

  • 1x Brimstone Cannon (fixed firing forward)
  • 6x Torpedo Tubes firing forward (custom rapid fire loading mechanisms)
  • 2x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (x2 top, x2 bottom)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (front x1, left side x4, right side x4, rear x2, top x2, bottom x3)
  • 2x Heavy Beam Laser Turrets (front x2, top x3)
  • 8x Custom Praetorian multi-role fighters in internal bay
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