Horizon EMMBR

Debuted in 1923 TSC, The ElectroMagnetic Multirole Battle Rifle or "Ember" as it is more commonly know as, was developed as a replacement for the aging shotgun designed favored by many for close quarters combat. While not a rifle by true standards it was given the designation as one due to a specific convention of the time that any electromagnetic projectile weapon be given a rifle designation. One of Horizon Technology's earliest achievements, it is considered by everyone to be the weapon that pushed the company into the mainstream of weapons development that has lasted until this very day.

Built around the much simpler coilgun format of propulsion as opposed to the more common but also far more delicate railgun systems, the Ember is meant to take just as much of a beating as it is able to dish out. Using 19.69mm (10 gauge) canisters of various types depending on need it can be used to fight in the widest variety of situations compared to any other weapon in close combat. The wide range of ammunition - which runs from standard buckshot and slugs to incendiary, cryogenic, EMP, and corrosion rounds right through less lethal choices such as sticky rounds and tranquilizer flechettes all the way up to plasma burst and high explosive rounds for heavier targets - means that a single individual is capable of dealing with just about anything that comes there way.

The basic principle is very simple in that the usefulness of the weapon is entirely in the extensive range of ammo that can be fired from it. The Ember itself is highly modifiable as well, a trait not found on most weapons in current use due to control restrictions that the Federation wishes for its soldiers to follow. In its stock form it has a single tube running along the underside of the barrel that can be loaded with eight rounds. This setup can be replaced with a rotating drum magazine of between two and six tubes, each capable of holding six shots apiece. The advantage here is that each tube can be loaded with a different type of ammunition and changing what is used is a simple matter of hitting a selection button to rotate to a different tube. Additionally, control systems allows for the weapon to be mounted on the shoulder of power armor and used as a supplemental turret that is slaved to the direction of the operator's head.

Constant improvements to the design have given this weapon a considerable lifetime and it is only after this 1400-year reign that it finally has a challenger to its unique features. Even so, it is extremely unlikely that a downfall in the Ember's usage will be seen anytime soon as more of them are constantly being ordered to supply lines in the Terran military and private defense forces alike.

Class: Infantry or Security
Caliber: 19.69mm (10 gauge) shells
Power Source: CE-9
Capacity: 8 shells (stock), 6x2 to 6x6 shells(rotating drum); 36 charges with CE-9
Rate of Fire: semi-auto or auto, 120 rpm
Max Range: 140m
Effective Range: 50m
Armor Penetration: variable
Shield Penetration: variable
Damage per round: variable
Blast Radius: variable
Velocity: 540 m/s

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