Horizon MMCL

The Micro-Missile Cluster Launch system, or MMCL, developed by Horizon in 2960 is one of the newest designs in the Terran arsenal of weapons. While missiles have been around for thousands of years and have seen use in multiple forms, the only versions carried by soldiers on foot were large caliber, single-shot versions designed for defeating armor. Recent advances in plasma weaponry seemed to make the use of disposable rocket systems for the destruction of heavy armor obsolete. The disadvantage of these powerful plasma weapons is in their extremely slow rate of fire and the long travel time of a round that was enough to give a distant vehicle time to move out of the direct path and avoid much of the damage. Slower targets still had to deal with suffering the full force of the blast.

This worked for the most part with one or two vehicles but as any soldier knows there are rarely going to be ideal conditions in combat and a swarm of enemy vehicles is a very real possibility. Instead of trying to do everything at once, Horizon decided to develop a weapon to at least handle the faster units before they could close in. The answer was already development with them in the form of a new breed of propellant for missiles that was nearly five times more powerful than what had been used before.

This extreme energy density along with miniature guidance systems allowed for the creation of a micro-missile that was only 30mm in diameter and 20cm long. Individually these were not much of a threat but Horizon stacked them three-high in a set of 24 tubes mounted on a backpack. A target system that would rapidly acquire lock-ons using eye movement to track vehicle. With a push of a button a salvo of up to 72 missiles could be launched at any combination of targets. A built-in AI would analyze the importance and armor of each target and use that data to determine how many of the missiles it would take to be successfully destroy the target.

The effect of the weapon is astounding when put into use even as a single unit, magnified more so when multiple MMCLs are deployed to handle defenses against a wave of oncoming vehicles. The cost of operation is quite low given that every missile is mass produced and made readily available. Reloading takes all but a few seconds and the entire system is ready to fire again. Even the weight is manageable at just 8 kg for the system and 18kg for each ammo rack. Improvements in warheads and an extended range version are already in development and the MMCL Mk II is already in limited deployment for trials.

Class: Heavy Weapons or Armored Infantry
Caliber: 30mm micro missile
Capacity: 24x3 missile tubes
Range: 800m (guided), 1200m for extended range variant
Armor Penetration: medium (medium-high for Mk II)
Shield Penetration: medium
Damage per round: high
Blast Radius: 4m (6m for Mk II)

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