Imperial Arms HBP Laser Pistol

A favorite among many for its compact size and heavy hitting power, the Imperial Arms Heavy Beam Pistol is a sidearm that can be more than just a weapon of last resort. Based on the arising development of laser weapons that reload a lasing material after each shot so that more power can be used with them, the HBP offers one of the most compact and powerful designs in weaponry today. Engineered from the ground up to be the most advanced pistol to date it gives the user a level of comfort and confidence that few other weapons can.

While capacity of the HBP is somewhat limited given how large each shell is, it makes up for it in being one of the few sidearms that can be a threat to heavy shields and even medium body armor. This gives it an edge in performance that no other design can manage to compare to. This power does come at a price, however. Even using a design that is favorable to keeping heat to a minimum, the HBP is so powerful for its size that heat buildup can quickly overwhelm the system if there is no pause in firing. Several aftermarket cooling setups have been introduced as kits that one can add, though the unusual shapes and added weight have left few buyers of such setups.

Other aftermarket attachments have become quite the norm to see. The rather long barrel of the pistol allows for the addition of full-sized targeting optics usually found on assault rifles. The weapon also supports a mount forward of the handguard that many have placed a gyro stabilizer on to help increase accuracy. These added features make it possible for the HBP to maintain a level of accuracy not found on any other sidearm in existence today.

Caliber: 12.7mm optical shell
Energy Source: ME-9
Capacity: 8 (shells), 32 (energy cell)
Beam Duration: 50ms
Recharge Time: 400ms
Effective Range: 75m, 300m+ with upgrades.
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: low
Damage per round: very high

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