Imperial Arms LBP Laser Pistol

A need for a scaled down version of the tried and true MBP lead to the development of the light beam pistol, LBP by Imperial Arms in 1440 TSC. While many fans of IA hailed it as a great achievement with how small the weapon was, many others saw the design as completely unnecessary given its low stopping power.

From the very start, the design of the LBP was created to be a very stealthy and concealable weapon. The first unique feature is that IA decided not to place the energy cell in the grip of the gun, instead using a slot along the side of the weapon's barrel. This allowed for the grip to be much shorter, but also to allow it to be removed completely. The "reusable" lasing material is so small to fit inside of the weapon that it suffers from burn-off over time and must be replaced after every 3000 shots to maintain efficiency.

A common use for the LBP is as a wrist-worn weapon, hidden under the sleeve and used as a personal defense weapon. Often times multiple LBPs are strung together in this way in order to overcome their low power output. Other modifications have been made to the system such as a linking of six or more together to act as a sort of laser shotgun. Results with this have been very mixed.

Caliber: 7mm optical
Energy Source: CE-80
Capacity: 25
Beam Duration: 20ms
Recharge Time: 400ms
Effective Range: 30m
Armor Penetration: very low
Shield Penetration: low
Damage per round: medium

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