Imperial Arms MBP Laser Pistol

The standard service pistol issues to every station security officer in Terran space, the Imperial Arms Medium Beam Pistol is an icon like no other around. First created in 1298 TSC under a direct request by the Federation for use by all security forces before the turn of the century came, it was as revolutionary of a design then as it continues to be even to this very day.

Compact for the power it packs, the MBP has made itself known also for its simplicity. The design is currently the only weapon that uses a completely solid state setup with no moving parts other than trigger, safety, and power cell release. Over time the weapon has been continually updated with purer lasing materials, micro cooling channels for sustained fire, more powerful energy cells, and better optics for improved accuracy.

The only flaw many have found in the design is that it does not lend itself well to the addition of advanced optics that link into a visual input usable by the operator. Most gyro stabilizers work in some form or another, though given the shape of the MBP it can lead to a rather awkward feel and balance that many would rather do without.

Caliber: 10mm optical
Energy Source: CE-90
Capacity: 25
Beam Duration: 40ms
Recharge Time: 400ms
Effective Range: 50m
Armor Penetration: low
Shield Penetration: low
Damage per round: high

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