Imperial Arms PPZ-15 Light Plasma Pistol

A tried and true pistol that has seen action in every conflict for the last 800 years. While not the sidearm of choice for frontline soldiers it has been greatly accepted as an easily concealable defensive weapon for noncombatants and civilians alike. The PPZ-15 is also among the most reliable weapons around due to the fact that it remains one of only a handful of designs capable of being field stripped and cleaned without the use of any specialized tools at hand. Unfortunately, this also means that the weapon is so simple that it lacks a few key features of other designs.

Because of its size, the PPZ-15 has only a single firing mode and a single charge setting for its rounds. The accuracy is limited as well due to the short barrel and this also gives the rounds a noticeably parabolic trajectory at anything beyond 30 meters, the point most consider the maximum range of the weapon. One thing that was not sacrificed was capacity. Taking a standard ME-88 energy cell common to its larger brethren means that this pistol is capable of firing 60 shots before it needs to be reloaded. The 15mm plasma projectiles are easily handled by even the most feeble individuals and the gun handles overheating issues quite well, further adding to its reliability. Upgrades in casing materials of the gun as well as the addition of features such as targeting assist and Identify Friend/Foe firing controls have extended the lifetime of the weapon considerably and it will continue playing a roll for many years to come.

Caliber: 15mm plasma sphere
Power Source: ME-88
Capacity: 60
Rate of Fire: semi-auto, 40 rpm
Max Range: 50m
Effective Range: 30m
Armor Penetration: very low
Shield Penetration: high
Damage per round: low
Blast Radius: 20cm
Velocity: 160 m/s

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