Imperial Arms PPZ-20 Plasma Pistol

By far the most recognizable sign of Imperial development in Outreach territories is the silhouette of the PPZ-20 on the hip of an enlisted imperial guard. The unique shape of the pistol with its elegantly angled grip, "shark-fin" aiming sights, and offset recoil dampener give it a look and feel like nothing else. Designed in the year 1428 TSC by the founder of Imperial Arms, Xi'faal Kiiran, the PPZ-20 was the design basis for 1500 years of plasma pistol evolution.

Before this time, plasma pistols had been a mere curiosity for weapons developers. The tried and true Fuerst design for plasma weapony was limited to something the size of an assault rifle due to the long reloading coil needed to bring the plasma to its needed temperature and pressure. Kiiran's design took an approach that many of his day considered impossible, building the coil directly into the pressurized cylinder containing the cases needed to generate the plasma. In doing so he managed to not only rid the weapon design of the rear assembly of acceleration coils but also a large portion of armoring that would prevent ruptures. The entire handle of the pistol was made to focus a rupture downwards through the magazine well, away from the operator's vital areas. Calling the PPZ-20 a breakthrough would be a massive understatement. It was a revolution and one that was not matched until the development of I-space weapons in 3100 TSC.

The design added many of the features also found on larger plasma rifles which made its versatility beyond that of any sidearm developed before then. First and foremost is the ability for variable plasma charges. The standard mode uses a 4 atmosphere plasma charge but this can be set to a heavy mode that doubles the plasma input to 8 atmospheres. The weapon originally used a neural interlink to assist targeting, however, advances in jamming and neural hacking led to the more widespread use of direct synaptic relays to the weapon starting around the year 2970 TSC which continues to be the primary design to this day.

Caliber: 20mm plasma sphere
Power Source: ME-88, ME-90
Capacity: Standard: 24 (ME-88), 30 (ME-90); Heavy: 12 (ME-88), 15 (ME-90)
Rate of Fire: semi-auto, 25 rpm
Max Range: 60m
Effective Range: 40m
Armor Penetration: very low to low
Shield Penetration: high
Damager per round: low to medium
Blast Radius: Standard: 35cm, Heavy: 45cm
Velocity: 140 m/s

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