Imperial Arms PPZ-25 Heavy Plasma Pistol

Not long after the creation of the PPZ-20 plasma pistol it was discovered that there was the need for something of similar design with more stopping power. Outreach worlds that had been recently colonized were suddenly becoming victim not only to raider attacks but also to the indigenous wildlife that populated them. A pistol was the most civilians were allowed to own in these colonies after their initial creation until the world was deemed truly habitable and a full defense force could be sent as protection and security for the larger companies to move in and develop an infrastructure.

Never was this illustrated more brutally than on Hotchkiss 2073-84. A recently discovered world it was quickly populated by a small group of families as an experiment in its development after a science team had already cleared the planet for initial habitation. Several months passed with zero problems and then within a single day all contact was lost with the 2000 or so inhabitants without any mayday. Upon arrival of an investigation team it was discovered that the entire settlement had been annihilated by subterranean species of insect parasite that had gone undetected. The carapace of insects proved too hard to rupture with the light weaponry provided for defense. In the end only eight survivors were recovered and colonization was abandoned.

Imperial Arms took a closer look at the weapons the survivors had and discovered they were using the PPZ-20 with custom modifications. As it turns out, the original design was extremely overbuilt for durability and some users of the weapon had taken to modifying it for higher output. The changes made by the colonists were copied nearly identically and the PPZ-25 was born out of it. A much more difficult weapon to fire with its added recoil and faster ammo consumption, it more than makes up for this in the devastating increase in power the weapon receives as a result.

Caliber: 25mm plasma sphere
Power Source: ME-88, ME-90
Capacity: Standard: 16 (ME-88), 20 (ME-90); Heavy: 8 (ME-88), 10 (ME-90)
Rate of Fire: semi-auto, 20 rpm
Max Range: 60m
Effective Range: 40m
Armor Penetration: low to medium
Shield Penetration: very high
Damager per round: medium to high
Blast Radius: Standard: 45cm, Heavy: 60cm
Velocity: 100 m/s

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