Irick is a "Mitten" in his early twenties. He stands a hight of four foot two.

Irick is a second generation citizen of the Ro Empire tasked on a diplomatic detachment to Paradise Station. The appointment of Irick to Paradise station is widely considered to be a strategic move by the Ro Empire in their ongoing courtship of the Protectorate. Irick is considered a success story and an example of the empire's acceptance of non-natives into its ranking structure, the hybrid has been fully inducted into the Empire's customs and holding a Rear admiral position in their expansionary naval forces. In addition to being one of the first non Muyab to hold such a high position Irick is the second youngest military officer in the Ro Empire, the youngest being eighteen and the next youngest being forty three.

Irick, being a member of the Ro Empire, has a traditional "ax-ab" unit and thus, while it has become expected of the occasional Muyab visitors onboard the station, the hybrid has the unsettling tendency of being everywhere at once. Irick is a rare kind of military officer, he is trained in the just now emerging field of Muyab diplomacy and has yet to see combat. His officership is seen by some in the Protectorate military core as a joke, sentiments carried over due to the fact the Muyab have yet to separate their diplomatic core from their military structure. The mitten heads what is essentially a Ro embassy aboard the station, the first such facility ever established in Protectorate space.

Irick is a graduate from the Ro Imperial Accademy with a full three Epochs, Symbolic logic, Applied Ethics, Political Science and an in progress Epoch of Xenosociology.

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