Issarians are a race of humanoid reptilians that ressemble's Earth's Utah Raptors, standing close to 10 feet in height for both genders, their colors vary greatly, from dark scales to white with even blue, pink, red and green with the eyes following the same path, though normaly being the same color that predominates upon one's scales.

Issarians are a noble and peaceful race, dedicated to the perfection of one's body through what is known as martial arts, though in no way lacking behind in technology, their specialization being on producing equipment for personal protection as well as the creation of powerful planetary defense systems, New Issari being one of the best defended planets in their system.

New Issari lack any form of propper government, being instead ruled by several houses, they are:

House of the Dragon's Talon:
Dedicated into the perfection of martial arts, developing new weapons for defense, and new methods of attacks against invaders.

House of the Hawk's Wings:
Dedicated into the study of flight methods and the production of space ships and fighters, as well as training aerial combatants.

House of the Healing Hands:
Dedicated into the study of healing methods, be them by technology, or through the use of Chi energy, they also fund the many hospitals throughout New Issari.

House of the Bright Minds:
Dedicated into instructing young Issarian minds, as well as anyone insterested in the Issarian history and culture for outsiders, they also conduct research into various subjects.

House of the Golden Chalice:
Dedicated into keeping New Issari's coffers full for eventualities in which currency are needed, they are the ones that deals the most with outsiders, with trade and diplomacy.

House of the Green Fields:
Dedicated into the preservation of New Issari enviroment and the production of food for New Issari's population, caring for farms and restaurants alike.

Depending on what business an outsider may need of Issari, they may be directed towards one of the houses for further information.

Despite Issarians' peaceful disposition, they are fierce warriors when they need to be, feats of hand to hand combat among the Issarians are well known, though they lack true expertise with ranged weaponry, they make up for it with agility enough to be a hard target, defense technology to deflect some types of projectiles, and a mean fist to anyone foolish enough to let an Issarian get too close.

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