Jet Azerov

Name: Jet Azerov

Species: Humanoid Canine- Siberian Husky

Height: 5'9"

He was born on Earth, to a strict Military family, at the age of sixteen he was enrolled into a military academy and graduated 12th in his class of 49 recruits. He was injured in a shooting range accident, prompting his honorable discharge.

Jet weighs in around 195lbs and is muscular but still rather thin. He has Heterochromia, his left eye is brown while his right eye is a pale blue. The fur on his back is black and stretches to his elbows and knees while the fur on his stomach, chest, arms and legs is white/gray. His tail is all black. He is rather quiet and intelligent, he prefers to be separate from a group rather than in the middle of it.

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