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This page is specifically for those who are looking for a job on the station, but can't seem to find one. (or think of one.) As of current (being the time revised) there are jobs that cater to every field. If there's one not on here, be assured that it exists, but just not listed. More jobs will be added with time.
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  • General knowledge of Protectorate Mechanical systems engineering required. Work experience over 2 years will be beneficial. The ability to extrapolate knowledge to more current equipment will be necessary.
  • Tasks include, but are not limited to: repair and upkeep of the mechanical systems of the station. While there aren't many mechanics currently, there will be in the future, so don't get depressed by the amount of work that will initially be required of you. Also, there may be calls to examine equipment that don't appear anywhere else as there are always salvage missions of destroyed ships.


  • BYOS (Bring your own Ship) preferably some kind of heavy freighter is required !!
  • Tasks include mining of the local asteroid fields for minerals. As a side note, you are encouraged to be capable of self-defense in the case of attack
  • As of current, the only player character in this field is Rurik


  • A full Protectorate medical Certification, either in Technological Medicine, or in "Supernatural" Medicine
  • Tasks include, but are not limited to tending to injuries, sicknesses, declaring quarantine, etc. For "supernatural" medicine, you are required to know your limits. Also, harsh as it may be, medicine is a delicate balancing game at times. A practitioner MUST be able to go beyond emotion and see things logically. It would not make sense to save the life of one for personal reasons if you could save a lot more by healing another.
  • List of player doctors: Amber and Wioletta.


  • A list of possible fields can be found here: List (click the right hand side to show the fields and sub-fields)
  • All scientists need to be capable of documenting work and experiments. Organization is a huge plus. Weekly progress reports may or may not be required.
  • For the specializations that require field research, planet data will be provided along with more extreme gear (say if you were going into a really cold planet for research and require a suit to allow survival). Lab equipment will also be available for use. While we do our best to keep abreast of the latest technology, there may be cases where you will require equipment that is not available. Feel free to talk to your supervisor or Ganesa for ordering purposes. All other things wardrobe-wise will be on a Bring your own basis.
  • Stem cells and gene therapy are accepted here.
  • The social sciences would be useful for organizing the station in good time.
  • The earth sciences would be needed to maintain and upgrade the ecopods


  • Given that nanotech is a basic staple of the modern world, nanotechnicians are needed. This field gets its own special mention because there's no mention in the list of fields. There are two types of nanotech: specialized proteins and enzymes and actual, tiny machines.

Enzymes and Proteins


  • This current method of editing one's body is hotly debated, but the station is fully willing to welcome you if you're in this field. We feel no reason to exclude something that could potentially benefit us greatly.


  • Machinists must have skills in the operation, construction and manufacture of machinery.
  • Job tasks include: making parts for the station's systems and helping with the construction of new additions to the station.


  • This job could also be considered to be the same as gardening, as the primary task, since it involves tending to the ecopods, which produce food for consumption.

Maintenance Workers

  • The only player maintenance worker currently is: Hex

Space Craft Engineer

  • A (fairly) thorough understanding of ship systems, how they function and how to repair and upgrade them is required.
  • tasks include tending to the repairing and upgrading of various spacecraft on the station.
  • the only player engineer as of now is Zenshu


  • Must have the energy to take care of a pre-assigned section of the station. This would obviously include sweeping, mopping, etc. Supplies will be supplied by the station for use.

Cafe chef (owned by amber)
Club bouncers? (clubs need expanding as a location{s})

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