Joey Cleese

Name: Joey Cleese

Species: A canine-anthro that has the body of a Chow-chow and the face of a German Shepard
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 257lbs
Age: 32
Fur Color: Orange-red
Eye Color: Aqua
Hair: Black stripes mixed with the fur coloring.
Occupation: Fright Hauler


This tall anthro is a mix breed that has seen a bit of action in his time. Due to the fur of his Mother's Chow-chow side he has to groom and trim is almost everyday to keep it looking nice and orderly. Still fluffy as he lets it grow out of bit but it annoys him to no end as the tail is the most exposed part of him, curled up with a white strip that runs under it.

His facial features are a bit on his father's side, though his snout is on the short side and he has that chow-chow mane he have the shape of a German Shepard, complete with movable, pointy ears, long neck and even his paws are that of his father's DNA.

The former occupations was of a Transport Pilot for the Terran Federation Military and a Mercenary for a short time made him use to keeping up with his body tone, though sadly most of it is hidden due to the fur, but his build is still in shape of a military man, easy to keep up with on some of those long long trips in his cargo ship. He has a simple way of dressing up as well, mostly a pair of jeans and whatever t-shirt he finds clean with a pair of fingerless gloves and his trucker hat with his ship's name 'Shiori'.


He may not be the most romantic guy on the playing field, but he does have a habit of flirting and hitting on women when he can, sometimes successful and sometimes getting a big kick to the groin. He thinks of himself as a lady's man, though secretly wanting a serious relationship but his tough guy self tries to keep that in the dark.

Joey pretends to act like everything is cool with him, despite having a pet-peeve that involves back fun of his silky, furry as is tends to contradict his toughness. Though if one were to shave his fur down it was reveal a few scars he got from a battle or two. None the less, he can be cocky at time and tends to be the type to do what he wants when he wants, but when it gets down to business he gets more serious and more productive. But that thing with the women can change his attitude quite a bit.


Born from a mixed breed, Eile Cleese the Chow-chow (His mother) and Karl Cleese the German Shepard (His father) he grew up in a fairly normal live style in a middle class environment. His father was the first to teach him the ways of pleasing a lady and making her feel like a princess starting at the age of ten. Joey took this training through all his years of schooling, starting with mostly failures and walking funny for the first few years. Afterward, he finally got the right moves to decrease the amount of groin kicks and face slaps and increase his dating until he found out that it's bad to have more than one girlfriend. Mother was also not very pleased with father.

After completing his schooling, it was off to the Terran Federation Military for him. He didn't care about the job he got so he randomly selected pilot, though thinking he was going to be trained as a combat pilot. Boy was he disappointed when he found out he was going to be a transport pilot. After getting through basic and the pilot training, it wasn't long until he was kicked out for crashing transports and shuttles too many times, getting him discharged from the military. He just wanted out of that depressing job so badly. That's when he started off as a career merc.

The mercenary bit lasted for a few years. using the contacts he gained through the military, he was able to get a better start than most. He gained a few skills in finding people, even got a bit of training from a few partners. He did limit himself to what jobs he would except, but if it wasn't a low down killing job there was a chance he would do it. It got to where he started to just ship things, both legal and illegal. He slowly made enough to buy a medium sized cargo ship, though sadly it sat around as he was thrown in jail for three years for trying to smuggle a create of ore to the local black market.

After he served his sentence, he got out and got his fright license and became a full on fright transporter for Paradise Station. He has no loyalty to an exact company, but he mostly uses his cargo ship to fright ore for the mining colony or even ship them supplies to help them keep working at progressive levels. This canine know no limits to what needs to be shipped and received, thus naming his ship after his very first Girlfriend Shiori, the woman that took this pup that he has no limits or bounds to what he does. pity that mostly meant he was a sleazeball.


A medium sized cargo ship made to carry up to 80 tons of fright, including people on board. The ship can support five people with enough food and water for three month. It has three living quarters, a day room, the cockpit and the cargo area, fitted with a crane and anti-gravity control to help with those very heavy loads.

Personal Equipment:

The dog isn't armed to the teeth persay, but he does have a few things left over form his merc years. Just his side arm and a standard military issued rifle he got out of one of his deals. He rarely carries them around but he is on the overcautious side. Never know who might come on-board unwelcome.

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