Kalashnikov AK-A20

During the AI Wars as it was quickly becoming clear that standard weapons were not capable piercing through the tough carapace armor the heavier models used and the limited firing speed of the railgun and plasma weapons of the time made it clear that additional firepower was needed.

Rather than wasting time and resources to research a completely new design to fill this role, it was decided to simply take the design of the AK-47 and supersize it. The end result of this was the Automat Kalashnikov-Advanced 20mm assault rifle. Made to work with the recently implemented power assist suits worn by many soldiers that operated heavy weapons, the AK-A20 was quite literally an exact copy of the AK-47 but designed to fire 20mm vulcan ammunition instead of 7.62x39mm.

The results were astounding and it quickly gave troops on the line what was needed to engage the massive swarms of sentient machines that had previously left them outmanned and outgunned in combat up until that point. The advantage was that a soldier could now stay mobile with this awesome level of firepower, rather than needing to rely upon mounted positions, vehicle support, or an advanced sniper team with anti-armor capabilities.

The AK-A20 still sees combat today as nothing else offers the same combination of firepower, range, reliability, and ease of use. As with all current weapons from that era it has been given the upgrade to use caseless ammunition under the new designation of AK-A20 Improved and it remains the premier jack-of-all-trades in firearms design to this day.

(For AK-A20 Improved)
Class: Heavy Weapons or Armored Infantry
Caliber: 20mm caseless
Capacity: 25 rd magazine or belt fed from backpack
Rate of Fire: 120 RPM
Max Range: 1500m
Effective Range: 400m
Armor Penetration: high
Shield Penetration: low
Damage per round: high
Velocity: 850 m/s

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