Kalashnikov AK-A75

Developed as an afterthought to the AK-A20, the AK-A75 simply takes things to the next conceivable level possible, an automatic cannon designed for used with mobile armor that was introduced at the very end of the AI Wars. While the usefulness of such a weapon can be debated given that conventional ammunition in the size of 75mm is rather expensive, the use of the AK-A75 with a mechanized unit pushed in as a shock and awe force is undeniable.

Currently one of only a handful of weapons used in the Terran military that has not received a conversion or remake to use caseless ammunition, the AK-A75 is considered by most to be a relic. The reason for it remaining with cased ammo is a simple one, the 75mm design puts out so much heat that the ejected casing acts as a heatsink of sorts to take away far more heat than an active cooling system would manage.

Only recently has a resurgence in use of the AK-A75 been seen as power armor has come about to replace the aging mechs used for heavy combat. Much smaller and more maneuverable compared to the heavy mechs, battle armor still contains the mass and strength necessary to manage the heavy recoil of the 75mm round, though common power assist suits are nowhere near capable of working with it at all.

Class: Armored Infantry
Caliber: 75mm cased
Capacity: 15 rd magazine
Rate of Fire: 90 RPM
Max Range: 2000m
Effective Range: 600m
Armor Penetration: very high
Shield Penetration: medium
Damage per round: extreme
Velocity: 650 m/s

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