Kalashnikov AK-C Assault Rifle

The most ancient of all designs currently seen across Terran space is that of the indelible Automat Kalashnikov. Originally developed at an time of human history that goes back well before the AI Wars, it has seen an existence in battle extending out a period of at least 4000 years. While few examples of the AK-47 cased ammunition remain and none of them in active operation (museum pieces only), there are quite a few of the caseless versions still seen throughout the galaxy.

The AK-C still uses the 7.62mm design it was originally created with, though with the advent of caseless ammunition it had been given a second life at the outbreak of war with the machines. Mass produced in numbers that have been lost to the ages it is still known to be the most used gun in all of Terran history. The design of the AK-C is only somewhat different from earlier examples of its predecessor. Gas-operated and fully automatic it only changes a few design aspects around to prevent the heat from firing causing the entire magazine to automatically empty, a major problem with earlier caseless weapons.

Possibly the biggest advantage of the AK-C is the fact that it is currently the only assault weapon that the average Terran can operate without the use of power armor or a power assist suit on. This, coupled with the recent development of improved incendiary, cryro, shock, and impulse rounds for the 7.62 caliber have led to a resurgence of use of the AK-C in private station defense forces as well as on board most cargo transports as no other conventional weapon platform can handle the added strain of these advanced ammo types. Reliability has not suffered in the least, either. The return of milled parts to the later models of the AK-C after the AI Wars ended led to the designation of that generation being called the AK-C Improved. Virtually the same as far as design goes it has the added benefit of being able to use modern propellants for extra stopping power to the already venerable weapon known for its lethality in close combat.

Class: Light Infantry
Caliber: 7.62mm caseless, incendiary, cryo, shock, impulse
Capacity: 30 rd magazine or 100 rd beta magazine
Rate of Fire: 800 RPM
Max Range: 1000m
Effective Range: 200m (350m for AK-C Improved)
Armor Penetration: low to medium (dependent on ammo)
Shield Penetration: very low to high (dependent on ammo)
Damage per round: low to medium (dependent on ammo)
Velocity: 750 m/s, 930 m/s available to AK-C Improved

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