Katia Rayne

Katia Rayne

Species: 'Snow Leopard'
Height: 198cm (6'6”)
Weight: 100kg (~220lbs)
Build: Athletic
Breast Size: 32c
Fur Color: Black with almost glowing snow leopard spots
Eye Color: Glowing Silver
Hair: Down the small of hir back, black with teal streaks.


You step out of the Steel Claw bar into the cool night air, gazing upwards to see the stars above as well as vehicles whizzing by. Turning your gaze to the side as the sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop rings in your ears, only to gaze upon a tall feline woman stepping off of a black colored bike reminiscent of a Yamaha style. The lamp shining light down over the parking spot shows her short black fur glimmering as shi stands up completely, her teal snow leopard spots a sight to behold in the light. Her paws slide up to grip her helmet and tugs it off of her head slowly before setting it on the seat, turning her hips and faces towards you, her long hair swaying with her body, the strands mostly black with some streaks of teal throughout.

Those glowing silver eyes stare almost down into your soul, the eyes of a killer setting upon it's prey as she licks her lips a tad, and as you manage to rip your eyes away you catch the sight of her left arm. It was a complete metal arm, the outside of it lined in a thin metal plating that went down over the mechanical hand like a gauntlet of sorts, those fingers giving off a slight whirring sound as they flexed. Underneath the platting showed off a menagerie of electronics, practically see through fibers making up the muscles that should be there along it, the whole design meant for flexibility as far as you can tell. The feline's entire left shoulder was encased by metal with bolts along the outer edge, holding the mechanical wonder onto her lithe frame.

Then you notice another soft whirling sound echoing through the cool night air as she starts to walk towards you, making your eyes move downwards past her groin. Covering her body from the waist down is a pair of baggy camo shorts, stopping just above the knee, though what catching your attention most is the metal left leg as it moves up and down with her strides, almost threatening to break through the ground beneath with every step. Like the arm, this was mostly armored around the front of the appendage, while the back of it remained mostly opened to the air with a weave of glowing fibers making up the 'muscles' on the back.

A soft cough pulls your gaze up rapidly, your eyes passing over her exposed mid drift and up over that tight black tube top that stretches across her breasts, nicely sized for her height before you're once again caught in her eyes, a light purring emanating from her throat, "I hope you like what you see…" As you try to figure out a response, she just all of a sudden moves past you, that metal palm slapping your ass as she moves towards the bar door. When you twist around, your last view of her is that ass swaying as it turns, and up higher you notice two metal 'ports', one on each shoulder blade, the metal making them up almost looking like it's moving, and that's the last you notice before she disappears inside.


Under Construction - She's Mysterious OooOooOoOOOooOOooOo~ :3

Weapons / Abilities:

Mechanical Arm: Built mostly for flexibility and everyday use, its only slightly stronger then a normal person in her physical condition, though makes up for the ability to manipulate objects far better then the stronger and bulkier arms. Nanites able to simulate tactile sensations to her brain.

Mechanical Leg: Pretty much exactly like her arm, built for flexability and control in mind instead of power, since she doesn't have two mechanical legs if it was stronger then a normal leg she would have difficulties walking. Nanites also simulate tactile sensations in her leg.

Liquid Metal Ports: The openings on her shoulders are ports from which Liquid Metal can pour out of. In the neutral state of being inside the body, the metal is wrapped around all of Katia's bones, making them much stronger and nearly unbreakable. With the use of the Nanites, she can control the liquid metal to pour out of the openings, and subsequently uncovering her bones making them an easier target to break, and form the streams into what she desires, be it metalic wings, a light armor covering her body, tentacles, whatever works for the situation. But it cannot create complex devices.

Sniper Rifle: Katia is a trained sniper, prefers not to fight hand to hand if she can help it at all.

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